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Adi Wolfson

Adi Wolfson is an eco-poetry pioneer. In addition to being a poet, he is also an environmental activist, an expert on sustainability, and a professor of chemical engineering. Wolfson has published four poetry books and has won several awards, including Israel's prestigious Levi Eshkol Prize for Literature, in 2017. Wolfson also writes a regular column on environmental issues at YNET and in 2014 was awarded a "Green Globe" by Life and Environment, an umbrella organization that works with more than a hundred Israeli "green" groups.

Dead SeaBureaucracy is a project that asks readers to increase global awareness about the increasingly bad conditions of the Dead Sea, and to be a voice for the Sea. "Bureaucracy" is an eco-poem, a poem that speaks for nature and not just about nature, written originally in Hebrew by Adi Wolfson. By sharing, using, translating and reading the poem, you can make a difference and help the planet. Please help us translate the poem into all the languages in the world! To participate in this global project, you can visit Adi Wolfson's Dead SeaBureaucracy website or his Facebook page.


Hebrew poem by Adi Wolfson
English translation by Adi Wolfson and Michael R. Burch

The "Dead Sea" is drying along the accepted channels
someone dammed the River Jordan's mouth
then tied the streams' joints
and filled the factories' pools
and even the sun,
is shaving the face of the water.

A few years from now, or perhaps longer,
many salt pillars will
stand in our place,
mute reminders that for the sins of Sodom and the crimes
of Jerusalem's clerks there will be no answer.

All English rights reserved to Adi Wolfson and Michael R. Burch

To date, "Bureaucracy" has been written in or translated into the following languages:

Hebrew, by Adi Wolfson
English, by Adi Wolfson and Michael R. Burch
Arabic, by Marzuq Al-Halabi
French, by Charlette Franco
German, by Antje Eiger
Spanish, by Gerardo Lewin

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