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A'isha Esha Rafeeq-Swan

A'isha Esha Rafeeq-Swan has worked extensively with HIV, substance abuse, homelessness and advocacy groups. Her causes also include the end to violence and racism, and the promotion of peace, love, well-being and unity for all. She has been published by Street Spirit and co-produced Join Hearts and Hands Making Homelessness History.

Ode to Judy Jones

this —
resume n poem
is of a SAINT gurl
u jus dont know...
u cant see
from the inside

i see ur wings, bent, torn, bloodstained ...
feet tired, achy, sore ...
mind bionic with missions
of mercy
calling you in da dark

keep flying high ma angel

ur in hell
going God's work

your resume is gold platinum in heaven

dunt worry bout here
its jus a temporary

few hearts here
pure n ripe
for da ripping

but yours open wide
to da hellish suffering
it's your jihad (struggle)

to impart love
n light
n music
n poetry


he picked da purest of
da pure
and lit your soul on fire

now DANCE among the coals
of ruins

someone has to

and in this dance
u resurrect LIFE
and hope

just look into the eyes

of everyone
u have touched
u will see
a spark of heaven

that you planted

seeds among rubble

let da song begin....

Love, A.R. 2007

Judy (Joy) Jones is an artist, photographer, poet, and storyteller with fascinating and sometimes out-and-out miraculous tales to tell of her work among the dying, the homeless, and the "poorest of the poor."

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