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C. S. Fox

C. S. (Caitlin) Fox was born in Concord, Massachusetts in 1969. She earned her B. A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and went on to obtain her M. S. in Education from Simmons College. She is a teacher and single mother to two young children, and maintains her sanity by reading and writing poetry, swimming and hiking.

A Wake

in the wake of your absence.

Strolling familiar strands
     chilled by a spray

    of memories scattered
  like endless footprints.
No tide shall erase them.

No sunshine shall blind me to your loss.
   Left feeling the freeze of
     a cold that blankets cannot cover,

from the ebb and flow
  of too much
    and not enough.


Swallows in large numbers
find their way into crevices
and make nests,
so many
the ones that drop before their wings
discover flight
are eaten by the chickens below.
The rest of us may not notice.

Taking my nightly sleeping pill
like a vitamin
going through the motions waiting my turn
to be numb,
tapping for a single one
to fall out,
I cannot help but notice how many there are.

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