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Joseph McDonough

Joseph McDonough is a stockbroker who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Having worked in the World Trade Center prior to 9-11, he began writing as a way to disconnect from this monumental tragedy. He soon began writing poetry of "witness," as a way to memorialize victims of terrorism and holocausts. He has been published in several literary journals, most recently The Penwood Review, and was featured poet in the January 2007 issues of Poetry Life and Times (England) and Stylus Poetry Journal (Australia).

Weighing In Tiananmen

There are certain
physical laws
governing mass
and motion. Yet,
right from the start
we see things
that are hard
to measure.

Take heart:
the wholly

a grain of sand
an ocean

To Tank Man, wherever you are ...

"Tank Man" stops the advance of a column of tanks.Photo by Jeff Widener (Associated Press)

Children of The Holocaust

The perfectly white
sits upon
the lush green lawn

they run     they run
through fields
of sun
calling     calling its name

Ashes     Ashes
like rain

News From Darfur

so much depends

a red cross

glistening with sun

beside the white

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