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Ayla Mahler

Ayala Mahler is a Spanish poet and artist who has been voted the top artist out of more than 1780 artists at Agregarte. You can learn more about her art and fine prints at the links below.


The Soul of the Alhambra

There is a legend in Granada
which says that with the silver moon
there are heard jingling
bells and tambourines,
as if dancing in the air.

It is the soul of the Alhambra,
dancing in solitude,
longing for another time,
splendor, poems and songs,
beauty and legends of love
that she knows will not return.

Do not cry my Muslim Queen,
because your beauty is such
that anyone who admires you
falls in love with you,
Leaving their hearts
touched by your magic and beauty,

Keep dancing, continue,
because we all dream
of your splendor and beauty,
of your magic and your sweet dance
for all eternity.

Wanting to return to Granada again
hoping to see you
in the silver moonlight,
if only once,
to see you dance.

I Dream with Butterflies

I dream with butterflies,
with thousands of them
Flapping their wings in the wind,
delicately beautiful
like flowers, colorful wonders,
thousands of souls, lights
splendid dancers.

Why do we have
such love for them?
Our messengers,
our fairies,
nymphs of joy,
flying women,
arising from a pupae.

All are so beautiful, all of them.
All so delicate, all of them,
but above all and foremost:
all sisters, all of them.


Among daisies I am contemplating the beauty of life,
the simplicity of harmony; meanwhile my soul is reborn.
Life isn’t complicated, one must only know how to view it.
Contemplating with my heart, I give God thanks
for being alive, for loving,
for being here and now among daisies,
for being born again, awakening to life,
awaking after having slept
through a dark and bitter night.
Among daisies I feel the peace that overwhelms me;
It is better to give than to receive,
detaching my soul, having enough to live:
that’s all.
I start to fly again, light as a feather,
bright as the light of dazzling butterflies.
I welcome my good fortune, love and joy;
I am full of joy.
I learned the lesson, after years of delay.
Among daisies, I am reborn into the world.
Once again, but new, just like a child, with my ignorance,
having unlearned everything I learned:
Just enjoy today and now.
For delight of the senses, live for the moment only.
I don’t remember anything more.


Me encanta evocar otros tiempos,
otras eras que llevamos inscritas en nuestros genes,
en el rincón más profundo de la memoria del alma.
Siempre vinculados, enraizados,
como el árbol a la tierra.
Esplendor de otros tiempos, más simples y brutales,
generando el despertar de la cultura, de la lengua,
nuestra cuna y primeros pasos,
del arte y la poesía.
Era de grandes pensadores y filosofía...


I love to evoke the past,
other eras that we recorded
in our genes,
in the deepest recesses
of our soul´s memory.
Always connected, rooted,
like the tree to the ground.

The splendor of other times,
simple and brutal,
generating the awakening of culture,
of language,
of our cradle and first steps
toward art and poetry.

Age of great thinkers and philosophy ...


Each sheet of white paper
contains an artwork:
sleeping, hidden.
A loving soul, innocent,
sensual and beautiful,
is waiting patiently
to be discovered
even if by just a humble pencil.
It is undemanding,
it just wants to live, to be created;
it does not mind being loved or hated,
but only wants to be, above all.
Being and existence:
Is there any more pleasure than to create?
To create life, light, love, sensuality;
It is just a matter of will, to create naturally.
What can compare to this torrent of emotions?
To such a realization of our dreams,
of our ideas and passions.

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