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David B. Gosselin

David Bellemare Gosselin is a student of classics and languages based in Montreal. He speaks five languages, including Arabic and Italian. His poems, translations, and essays can be read on, where he publishes and promotes 21st century classical poetry along with his translations of Dante, Schiller, Goethe, et al. His collection of original poems Songs of Mortality: The Chained Muse and Other Poems is available via his website and the bookstore.
In the beautiful month of May
by Heinrich Heine
translation by David B. Gosselin

In the beautiful month of May
When the flowers began springing
Within my youthful heart
Love suddenly bloomed.
In the beautiful month of May
When all the birds were singing
I confessed to her
My yearning and my longing.
Death is the cooling night
by Heinrich Heine
translation by David B. Gosselin

Death is the cooling night,
Life is the sultry day.
But now darkness settles
And I long for respite.

Outside my bedroom window looms a tree;
In it sings the young Nightingale.
She sings only of Love
Even in dreams, it reaches me.
Wanderer’s Night Song II
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
translation by David B. Gosselin

Over the hilltops
Is quietness,
And in the treetops
There's hardly a sigh;
The birds are soundless in the forest.
With patience abide
You too will rest.
Through the fields of solitude
by Hermann Allmers
translation by David B. Gosselin with Michael R. Burch

Peacefully, I rest in the tall green grass   
For a long time only gazing as I lie,
Caught in the endless hymn of crickets,
And encircled by a wonderful blue sky.  

And the lovely white clouds floating across       
The depths of the heavens are like silky lace;                           
I feel as though I have long been dead,
Softly drifting with them through eternal space.  

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