Songs Of Gentlest Reflection by Joe M. Ruggier

Review by Mary Rae

Joe M. Ruggier, editor of the poetry journal The Eclectic Muse and author of numerous volumes of poems, has brought forth a rich and lively collection of poetry and prose in Songs Of The Gentlest Reflection.  Many of Mr. Ruggier’s poems are reflections on divinity.  His work has a natural flow, yet the subtlety and quiet elegance of his phrasing leaves the impression that the reader has been thinking with, rather than listening to, the author. Here you will find beautiful poems such as "You are Jesus...," "Divinest Mary," and "Mystical Soliloquy 1," as well as "15 Poems of Place," that are meditations on the places he has lived and which have deeply impressed his life. Also in the collection you will find essays such as "Poet and Failed Musician," a fascinating account of his journey into the world of classical guitar study. Mr. Ruggier’s collection, 90 pages of varied poetry and essay, beautifully printed in a pleasing 8 1/2" x 11" format, is a pleasure for any reader.

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