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Gail Kaye-Naegele

Gail Kaye-Naegele is a retired nurse, a former book indexer, a lifelong lover of the arts, a poet, and a visual artist. She has published her poems online as Gail Naegele, using a variation of her maiden name, g.EveKaye, and as Loretta Young. We are glad to solve the mystery and confirm these three talented poets are actually one!

Roundel: Seductress

The spider schemes with stealth beneath a rose,
disguising thorns, alert to trap her prey.
Her sweet alluring smile, an artful pose,
        to make you stray.

Her fawning awe and fervent charm hold sway;
you ruminate with rue the road you chose.
Beguiled, you're led astray, bewitched and gay.

Heed watchfully the wicked web she sews
lest thorned enticements trigger dark dismay.
Beware the ruthless spider's ruse of rose,
        to make you stray.

The Grapes of Wrath

Wrath born of dust and endless drought,
    where once lush crops were plenty,
caused hungry farmers' desperate rout,
    their pockets torn and empty.
They hobbled hungry to the West,
    where rumor whispered wages,
that sunlight shone and soil was blessed
    with bounty for the ages.
Old trucks swayed on the rutted road,
    past flowr'ing fields of plenty.
The fear in children's eyes foretold
    the sorrows of the many.
What wages bought was bitter bread,
    in lands that flowed with honey.
Tormented migrants toiled and bled,
    while few grew fat with money.
More progress came with plutocrats,
    pretending to be sages.
The sweet grapes left to rot in vats
    bred wrath that soured ages. 

Sonnet: Redeemed

Aquiver in the luscious flowered bower,
she plucked a plump ripe apple from a tree.
A scheming serpent praised its potent power.
Its bitter taste haunts human history.
Surrounding storms soon trumpeted upheaval.
She shivered in a snowy windswept squall.
While lightning struck with forty days of evil,
the serpent slithered close to cheer her fall.
Behold, dawns rise aglow in gold reprise,
caressing flowr'ing blossoms, vines and fruit.
Exalted light shines bright as darkness dies
and sparrows songs are splendor absolute.
Now wreathed with wings where angels harmonize,
she flies in prophesied eternal skies.

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