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Gilda Castillo Math

Gilda J. Math, the former Gilda Castillo, lives in sunny Florida where she writes poems in English, French, Spanish and Italian. She has worked as a translator, tutor, portrait artist and financial counselor, and is currently retired. She tells us: "Having lived in so many places, I feel that I am a citizen of the world. My current home is in beautiful, sunny Florida, where I reside with my husband. I lead a quiet life in harmony with nature and my fellow human beings. I'm always willing to offer help and encouragement to those who need it. I've found a sense of serenity and contentment that makes me feel that I belong wherever life takes me."

The Chickadee

Today I saw the first chickadee
Which to my great amusement
Father whimsically called "Pickadee"!
And strangely enough,
I thought it really fit!

He was "picking" at some branch
Upside down, the tiny acrobat.
Black and white were his colors.
He was the "pick" of the pack!
Of course he had to be "Pickadee"!

Chirp, chirp, he called:
Tweet, tweet,
Nimbly climbing up a tree!
"King of Piccadilly Circus" to me,
Our new little feathered friend:

Vagabond Heart

My heart is a vagabond
that travels poor but sincere
only searching for a true dream
to find a better world.

Cuore vagabondo

Il mio cuore è un vagabondo
Che viaggia povero ma sincero
Solo cerca un sogno vero
Per trovare un altro mondo.


Come and see the path of my life without living
Come listen to the sad, light voice of the sea
The waves of my anxieties out in the open
And my song made of tears will sing to you …


Viens à ma plage déserte
Viens regarder le chemin de ma vie inerte
Viens écouter la voix triste, légère, de la mer
Les vagues de mes angoisses découvertes
Et ma chanson faite de larmes te chantera…

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