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Glory Sasikala

Glory Sasikala is a poet and writer currently residing in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She is the Editor and Publisher of the Monthly Online Prose and Poetry magazine GloMag and is the administrator of the group of the same name on Facebook. She is a language editor and quality analyst by profession.

Office Blues

In the stillness
Someone coughed
Someone yawned
Boss on phone

He ó
Control A
Control C
Control V
My thoughts
In his diary.

The whirring fan
My ice-cold
Blank at screen

Her tinkling laughter
jars on my tired brain

Switch off.
Time to go home...

Your Wedding Day, My Love

Counting raindrops on the windowpane
Was it my tears that blurred?
Ticking seconds and my heartbeat
Now itís the day
Now itís the hour
Now itís the morn
Now itís the noon
Now itís the even
Now itís the night
of Celebrations.
Now all is still
In the dark hour
As you lose yourself in her
Lost to me ó forever.

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