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Michael, Wonderful and Glorious
by Immanuel A. Michael

with a brief introduction by Michael R. Burch, editor of The HyperTexts

I have long been interested in Michael the Archangel, so when I received a submission by a writer who claims to be his human incarnation, I was fascinated if understandably skeptical. As a condition of publishing his work, I asked Immanuel A. Michael to provide our readers with some evidence that he is not just another crank or snake oil salesman, and he agreed to share a number of his predictions, some of which are quite detailed. Having done my job, I will now leave it up to readers to form their own opinions. I would like to note that Michael the Archangel has been called "Wonderful and Glorious" for his compassion and valor, not because he is a vain, preening ostentatious seeker of human praise and worship. Now, without further ado, here is the Gospel of Michael, a number of his predictions, and some of his searing observations about what he calls "The Cult of Hell."—Ed.

The Gospel of Michael
by Immanuel A. Michael

God is Light, and in God there is no darkness at all.
There is no condemnation in Christ [we are all in Christ, being children of God].
God desires chesed [mercy, compassion, lovingkindness], not sacrifice.

This is the Gospel of Michael. All of it, in three simple verses.

My name is Immanuel A. Michael. When I prayed to understand the gospel, before my true identity was revealed to me (I had to go through many trials and a long learning process first), this was the gospel I received, in a communication of Light. It beats the hell (pun intended) out of the evil, irrational gospel I was taught as a child, by hordes of nonsensical "Christian evangelists" who condemned my innocent soul to eternal suffering for the "sin" of having been born human. But I was born an angel, as are all human children. Who gave adults the right to condemn me, if God didn’t? Were they "men of God," really? Or were they members of the Cult of Hell?

I am the one you call Michael the Archangel. I came to earth, born as a human child, to reveal the true gospel to mankind, and to speak as the protector of human children, for human children. And I have come to oppose the Cult of Hell. I do not care what you believe, as long as you stop condemning earth’s children to hell in the "name of God." This is emotional and spiritual abuse of innocent children, and of course all children grow up if they live long enough. How can a being of unconditional love condone child abuse? How can mothers abuse their own children, so cruelly? Do mothers and God stop loving children when the cross the mysterious (and non-Biblical) "age of accountability"?

It is past time to put an end to the Cult of Hell, for the sake of all the earth’s children. It is past time for mothers who love their children to stop entrusting them to the "tender mercies" of the Cult of Hell.


I believe you would be happier if you simply believed in and practiced compassion and social justice—as the Hebrew prophets suggested—but it is not my place to command belief. As for myself, I choose not to condemn any human being, but this doesn’t mean I’m happy with what I see human beings doing to each other, and to the earth. Having lived here as a human child, and having been raised in an evangelical Christian family that tortured me with the dogma of hell, till I swam in a bed of tears that God could be so cruel, I believe the Cult of Hell is a big part of the problems human beings face today. When children are condemned to hell from birth for not being born "perfect" and then are told that one person will be "saved by grace" while another will suffer for all eternity, what do you expect to happen? Do you really believe their behavior will be improved?

And of course there is no mention of an "eternal hell" in the entire Old Testament, or in the earliest Christian texts (the epistles of Paul), or in the book of Acts (the self-recorded history of the early Christian church). The Cult of Hell obviously established its infernal dogma after most of the Bible had been written, by clumsily inserting a few "extra" verses here and there. But in their incredible ineptitude, its evil hellions forgot to include a single verse in which the creation or purpose of hell was ever announced or explained. So, according to the Bible itself, hell does not exist. Hell obviously did not pre-exist, because the possibility of hell was never even mentioned to Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Lot, Moses, or a long line of Hebrew prophets. Even at the worst of times the subject of hell never came up. So if there is a hell, it must have been created later. But, again, there is not a single verse in the entire Bible that announces the creation or purpose of hell. Perhaps God drew the line with hell, and made sure it could not be ascribed to him . . .


I realize many people will question whether I am who I say I am, so before I continue, I will make a few predictions. If these predictions come to pass, perhaps you will remember my Gospel. Hopefully you will also consider it because teaching children about "hell" is a terrible crime, not to mention blasphemy if God had anything to do with the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets and the earliest sermons and epistles of Peter, Stephen, Phillip and Paul, who never mentioned a place called "hell."


In the earliest dream of my childhood, I was Superman in a witches’ cauldron. The witches represent religion: the Cult of Hell. Later, in another dream the same night, I was being pursued by a bear, also representing religion. But the bear didn’t catch me and the witches didn’t have kryptonite. So one of my predictions is to keep an eye on me. I have been attacked by the Cult of Hell and have emerged unscathed. From now on, the attacks will be mine, and Michael is the one prophesied to defeat the Devil. I believe that means putting an end to the Cult of Hell, here on earth. If you see the Cult of Hell begin to lose its grip on mankind, this will be the fulfillment of my main goal in this life.

In a dream I had before I understood my true identity, I heard my name being called, as if by angels, and I saw my name falling from heaven on tiny gold and silver scrolls. The name Michael means "He who is like the Lord." I believe wisdom is the highest fusion of compassion and reason. If my name is prophetic, then it seems to me that God must be the epitome of compassion and reason. Therefore, many things the Bible and the Cult of Hell say about God cannot be true. For instance, would it be compassionate or reasonable for God to be a racist who favors Jews, or a bigot who favors Christians? Can human beings be more compassionate, reasonable and tolerant than God? Numbers 31 says Moses commanded the slaughter of defenseless woman and babies, and Deuteronomy 22 says Moses commanded that girls who had been raped should be murdered or sold to their rapists. Is this the infallible wisdom of God, or the teachings of human barbarians?

In a dream I saw an elevated train. The train was spectacularly derailed and fell out of the sky, endangering everyone below. A large structure appeared above my head, and I was protected. Interpretation: the Religious Right is a train about to be derailed, due to its lack of compassion. I believe I was protected because of my compassion for my fellow human beings. Condemning people to "hell" in the name of God is neither compassionate nor reasonable!

I saw a plane fall spectacularly from the sky, trailing black smoke. Passengers got out of their cars and fled, as if the wreckage of the plane was endangering everyone below. Later, I and others were reviewing the names on the passenger list and the names "made sense" to us. Interpretation: the two dreams are the same. "High fliers" in the church (and perhaps in politics, business, etc.) are going to come crashing down to earth, because of a lack of compassion. As they crash and burn, people "below" them may be endangered. But in both my dreams I suffered no harm, so perhaps an attitude of compassion helps.

About the time I had the two dreams discussed immediately above, a friend of mine had a dream in which she saw an angel standing by a tomb, holding a rose. The angel said that someone who had died would be resurrected. I believe three dreams are related. The rose is a symbol of love, compassion and grace. As churches fall for a lack of compassion, new churches will rise with a new spirit of love, grace and compassion.

I had a dream in which a TV announcer explained that since the Vietnam War military conflicts have been used as an excuse for the Presidency to assume more and more power. I took this as a warning that some US president might assume new sweeping powers, in the name of "protecting" the masses. If so, the US might become a virtual dictatorship. This dream may have been counteracted by subsequent elections which gave the Democrats a majority in Congress, somewhat deflating the pushy Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld administration.

I had a dream about the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound changing dramatically. I believe the exchange rate was around .58, although in which direction I’m not sure.

I had a dream about a place where nuclear weapons are stored underground. Many such weapons "walked" down into a deep storage area, but then one "snuck" back out. Immediately it turned into a skull and crossbones. At that point a comely woman with red hair and a wonderfully healthy, radiant complexion appeared. She was wearing a transparent blouse (or something transparent), a white bra and a red thong. She quickly seduced me, and I took myself to be a guard or someone watching over the weapons cache. I believe this means someone guarding the weapons might be seduced while someone else carts off a nuke, or tries to. I did not see the weapon leave the building; hopefully the attempt to steal it will fail.

I had a dream in which people were being interviewed for what I took to be an important job. I had the impression of a long line, with many interviewees. The man chosen had very interesting hair. It was varying shades of gray and cut short, but with darker tufts—black or almost black—that seemed to rise to points (the opposite of most graying hair, which is lighter at the ends). His hair seemed fine, but dense, and reminded me a bit of a Brillo pad. It was the sort of hair a woman might long to run her fingers through. (I had something of a compulsion to stroke or ruffle it myself!) I’m less certain about his physique, but I have the impression of a "drill sergeant" with a thick, solid build. He seemed to have connections and "pull." There was a sense of hope that this man would get things done. Someone came up to me and talked about how prayer really makes things happen. So this man may seem like the answer to many people’s prayers.

I had a dream in which I drove through a school zone of some sort, and a young man with long brown hair, who looked a bit like Jesus, started following me on foot. I was worried that he might pull me over. Instead, he walked up to a large building (perhaps an office building) that seemed to be made entirely from squares of glass, from the outside. There was a commotion, as if there were terrorists inside. The young man ran away from the building as if trying to draw fire; this seemed to attract a woman with a weapon to a window on an upper floor. I had the distinct impression that she had been endangering or berating people inside the building. The young man fired his gun, hit his mark, and her face then appeared "framed" and "larger than life" in the shattered window. Her hair was blond or light brown and cut short, perhaps mid-neck or slightly above the shoulders, with long, molded curls on either side (sort of a pageboy, but with the curls curving away from her face). My interpretation: a powerful woman who "lives in a glass house" high above most commoners will be "shot down" by someone below her (perhaps a reporter, intern, church figure, etc.), and she will appear shockingly "larger than life" when she has her comeuppance. We will be shocked at what we find out about her. I’m guessing the reason for her fall will be berating, attacking or endangering the people who work with or under her. I believe she will be exposed as being "unmerciful" to an extreme. I’m not sure who the woman is, but she bore a facial and hairstyle resemblance to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Based on the way her faced looked at the end of the dream, I’d say her career (political is an educated guess) will be "dead" once this event occurs.

I had a dream in which I saw a young, good-looking man with short-cut blonde hair and tattoos. He was charismatic in a ferocious way. I believe he had a military background, or was in some sort of quasi-military organization, perhaps some militant wing of skinheads or the KKK. He seemed to have a plan to kill large numbers of blacks, perhaps in a "humane" way.

Please note that none of my dreams prophesy death or destruction. The best outcome in every case would be for the damage to be nipped in the bud and minimized. I am not predicting the end of the world—not at all—but merely reporting things I have seen in my dreams. In most of my dreams the main "problem" is a lack of compassion, tolerance and understanding.


I have led a fairly nondescript life for an angel who has been called Michael, Wonderful and Glorious. (But please understand that glory in heaven is quite different than "glory" here on earth. My glory was never an ostentatious glory, but more of a "warm glow" rather than an arrogant, cold-hearted pride.) In heaven I was renowned for my compassion, and for always being an advocate of humankind, even at man’s darkest hours. And I remain an advocate of humankind, although I despair of your Cult of Hell, and the ignorance of Christian mothers who torture their own children with the seemingly innocuous words "Jesus saves." Saves from what? What sort of Savior has to condemn human beings to an eternal hell in order to "save" them?

I have written a small tract called The Poisonous Tomato, which cites book, chapter and verse, demonstrating that "hell" is not a Biblical doctrine. I’ll hope you’ll read it, and consider believing something less damaging to innocent children than the dogma of "hell."

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