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Dr. Joseph S. Salemi Interview and Responses by other Poets

Dr. Joseph S. Salemi Interview with THT editor Michael R. Burch. Topics discussed include the current "Formalism Schism," whether the worst ideas of modernism are infecting New Formalism like the Plague, and why formalists alternate between burning poets like T. S. Eliot and Wallace Stevens at the stake and trying to adopt them.

Salemi's Dilemma by Michael R. Burch questions whether Dr. Salemi is writing literary criticism or just preaching to the choir.

Sam Gwynn criticizes Dr. Joseph S. Salemi, comparing him to Lyndon Larouche in influence and saying that his arguments don't hold up to even two minutes' scrutiny.

Janet Kenny answers Dr. Joseph S. Salemi: "steam is whistling out every orifice."

Jeff Holt's response to Joe Salemi questions Salemi's "pugnacious" attitude and his logic.

Jack Granath comments on the Salemi Interview, likes his view that "free verse and formal are fundamentally different things" but not his "monarchical politics."

Philip Quinlan's response to the Salemi interview touches on poetry and politics.

Our Ersatz Critics—A critique of Dr. Joseph Salemi by Quincy Lehr is an essay that questions what Lehr calls Dr. Salemi's "negative programme" for contemporary formalism.

The Tedious Mr. Lehr by Joseph Salemi is a response to Quincy Lehr's essay above.

Quincy Lehr Answers Joseph Salemi, saying the real problem is not jealousy or class warfare but bigotry and bullying.

The Ever More Tedious and Freaked-Out Mr. Lehr by Joseph Salemi is a response to Quincy Lehr's response immediately above.

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