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Line Gauthier

A late babyboomer Canadian born in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec and raised in Northern Ontario, Line Gauthier fell in love with Ottawa, where she received her B.A. with a major in French literature. Now finding that oncoming golden years offer a very rich perspective on life and inspiration for poetry, she writes mostly free verse and micro poetry. She has published several photography/poetry books and has other works in progress. A member of Haiku Canada, her haiku has been published in various anthologies.


Rat-a-tat-tat Rat-a-tat-tat
Pussycat Pussycat
Scat by the doormat
Where are you at
Are you some funny acrobat
Eager for playful combat
Flat on your back throwing a savate
And why do you like to hide in my hat


At high noon mass
                thru colored glass
                                a playful sunray dances
                for blessed sunday glances
reflected stained mosaic
hardly looks archaic
                when the rainbow’s set afire
                                by heavenly orchestrated choir
                the congregation rejoices
moved by angelic voices


Marbled by aquamarine depths
Under rolling moonlit waves
Bellow haunting sonar echoes
Heard for miles and miles
Melodiously broadcast
Wondrous and mystical
Their enchanting tales
Of travel and adventure
Encounters and synchronicities
Thru bottomless lengths of seas
Graceful magnificent giants
Majestic they freely roam

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