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Malcolm Ernest

We are awaiting a bio for the poet Malcolm Ernest but wanted to share his poems in the meantime.

My Passionate Love

My passionate love, what is it you are like?
Like a beautiful, iridescent dragonfly,
Whose gossamer wings reflect the dying sky’s
Orange and red and pink, to seduce our sight …

Like a rose’s powerful, blood-red hue,
That makes my blood pump faster … makes my heart
Beat like a hummingbird’s … makes every part
Of my body fill with blood, excited for you …

When I First Knew

I fell in love
Beneath an autumn sky,
With a kindly moon
And faint starlight.
You were holding my hand
And you whispered to me,
And I knew it then …
I was in love.
It has been five years
And every time I think of you,
I think of that night,
The soft owls’ calls,
The soughing night breeze,
The trees around us
Making a gentle cage,
The feeling of your hand grasping mine …
Every time I think of you,
I think back
To the time when I first knew.

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