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Michael Pendragon

Michael Pendragon, a.k.a. M. Malefica Grendelwolf Pendragon Le Fay, was born in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens on the 23rd day of October, 1963. A Renaissance Man, in the fullest sense of the word, Pendragon is a Romantic poet, short story writer, novelist, playwright, actor, filmmaker, artist, theorist, critic, philosopher, editor/publisher & musician. Over the last few years he has become a driving force in the burgeoning Goth-Romantic movement. He edits and publishes Penny Dreadful and Songs of Innocence, two perfect-bound literary journals. Penny Dreadful is only a mouseclick away (once there, click the lower of the two pennies to "spin" the category selector, then try to make it land on Poetry).


BlessÚd be the Night of Death
BlessÚd too the gaping tomb
Now the lost son journeyeth
Homeward to his Mother's womb

Bounteous the Stygian vale
Sweet the draught from Lethe's bed
Beauteous thy cheek so pale
Gentil rest the newly dead

Sorrows no more shalt thou see
Nevermore thou'lt vainly pine
BlessÚd more for thou dwell'st free
All Eternity is thine

Una Nox Dormienda

Into the solitude, breathlessly, willingly
      Into the quietude of Death's embrace
Gently enfolding me, deathlessly stilling me
      Filling my spirit with visions of Grace
Drawing me, lulling me, into Infinity
      Calling enticingly into the Night
Cradling my Soul in the arms of Divinity
      Keeping me safe, hidden fast from the light
Faltering timidly, poised on the precipice
      Tottering haltingly, falling anon
Spiralling gingerly, into Eternal Bliss
      Peace, but one tender kiss, and I am gone

A Valentine

Angel lute & cherub wing
      Hie thee to the one I love
True love words I bid thee bring
      Softly to my heart's true love
Angel voices, whispers, tears
      Hasten to my true love's side
Love to last beyond the years
      A Heav'nly love song for my bride
Angel choir bending low
      Sing thy myriad dulcet tones
Words too sweet for man to know
      In this world of dust & bones
Let thy joyous voices swell
      Wafting to the one I love
Sing those words I dare not tell
      Sing to her my heart's true love

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