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Tommy Bissonnette

Tommy Bissonnette left the Quebec backwoods at age 17 to follow his star.

He has lived and worked in Montreal, Las Vegas and Toronto.

He decided a few years ago to return to life in the country. There, he spends much of his time with Merlot, his beloved beagle, and has been keeping busy at various jobs.

Lately, he decided to try his hand at writing a bit of poetry in his second language. He began teaching himself English at age 18, and could speak it fluently after a year or two. He is now in his thirties.

Shared Truth

We are all in the same game
Just different levels
Dealing with the same hell
Just different devils...

The Addiction Affliction

The addiction affliction
Runs deep within his core
and always obliges when he calls
for one last "little" encore.

A New Use for Pockets

When the striptease comes to an end
the worm crawls back to where it came from

and only seeks a moist warm pocket
in which to insert itself for free.

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