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The poet an'ya has been writing poetry since age 13.​ She is a descendant of the poet Francis Scott Key, the novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and the science fiction writer Alexander Hill Key (author of Escape to Witch Mountain.)

midsummer's eve
underneath a rose moon
I'll wait for you
until my hands are bloodied
from holding back the dawn

(Winner of the Tanka Splendor Contest)

having only
a handful of moments
alone with you
O nightbird your visits
mean everything to me

(Published in Vines 4, UK)

between us
and warm summer sun
lilac buds
on the very brink
of becoming scent

(Published in moon moths tanka)

no one else
awake this dark morning
except us
swift terns asleep on the wing
the moon still in its cradle

(Published in through the Porthole)

flocks of ravens
rising from the ground
in formation
how many wingbeats
until eventide falls

(Published in Tanka Tree Rings)

old memories
like tangled fish hooks
to pick up only one without
all the others

(First Place in a Tanka Society of America Contest)

if we cannot
be together again let
no songbirds sing
except above my casket
among cemetery trees

(Published in Tanka Companion Roseberry)

cold cemetery
the long sleeves of your old coat
warm my fingertips
even from beyond this grave
you manage to comfort me

(Overall Winner of the Tanka Splendor Contest)

love's illusion
the brush of something real
coming close
a few vintages ago
I would have reached for it

(Published in Sketchbook)

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