Elizabeth Steed Harris Burch Family Tree

EARLY BASSETT HISTORY: The earliest record of the Bassetts in England is that of Thurstine de Bassett, who came from Normandy in 1066, as Grand Falconer of William the Conqueror. His name is in the Doomsday Book and in the Battle Abbey Roll. Thurstine built Beaupre Castle, near Cowbridge in Glamoragn, Wales, soon after the battle of Hastings. His son Lord Ralph Bassett was Chief Justice of England, under Henry I (1068-1135). "The Bassetts of England are probably descended from this family but we have no records that show any line." (Bassett-Preston Ancestors, 1930, Pg. 23)  The surname is notable in England. Another Bassett castle is at Tehidy Park in Camborne, Cornwall; this line had large incomes from mining. There are several villages in England named "Bassett" and there were many Bassetts who were Barons. Sir Thomas Bassett and Sir Francis Bassett were major generals to the King. Two other Bassetts, Alan and Thomas, were among the King's counselors at the signing of the Magna Charta. (Bassett Family, Daughters of the American Revolution Library, Washington DC).

CG-11: William Bassett (c. 1590-1667) m. Elizabeth (?-c. 1650): parents of William Bassett II
             William "Fortune" Bassett, aka "Pioneer" William Bassett, was a Leyden Separatist (Pilgrim).
             He was related to the Sandwich, Kent and Bethnal Green, Middlesex line of Bassetts. (Saints and Strangers, G. F. Williston)
             His parents may have been Walter and Sconsolate Bassett of Sandwich, Kent, England.
             He was married to Cecilia or Cicely  Light (possibly), to Margaret Oldham, to Elizabeth Tilden, then to the widow Mary Tilden Lapham.
             Mary Tilden may have been the daughter of Nathaniel Tilden of Scituate, Mass. and the widow of Thomas Lapham.
             There does not seem to be any clear evidence that Elizabeth was a Tilden, but she may have been related to Mary Tilden.
             Another theory is that Elizabeth and Mary were the same person, perhaps Elizabeth Mary Tilden, or Mary Elizabeth Tilden.
             In 1600, William Bassett was baptized in Stepney, London, England.
             In 1611, he was betrothed in Leyden, Holland to Mary Butler,  but she died before the marriage.
             In 1611, he married Margaret Oldham in Leyden, Holland.
             In 1620, he married Elizabeth Tilden [?] in Leyden, Holland.
             In 1620, he was on the Speedwell when it developed leaks and could not continue with the Mayflower to Plymouth.
             In 1621, he was a passenger on the Fortune, the second ship to arrive at the Plymouth colony.
             In 1623, he received two acres in a Plymouth land division, indicating that he was married.
             By 1624, he was almost certainly married to Elizabeth, as she bore their first child.
             In 1633, his name appeared as one of 68 freemen in the oldest American freemen's list.
             In 1633, he was well-off, as only four Plymouth residents paid higher taxes.
             In 1637, he served under Lt. William Holmes in the Pequod War.
             In 1638, he was on the Plymouth Grand Jury.
             In 1638, he moved to Duxbury, where he owned 100 acres, was a juror, and served on the land committee six times (1638-1640).
             In 1640, he served as a Duxbury deputy to the Plymouth court, which he did five times (1640-1648).
             In 1640, he was on the committee to settle the bounds between Duxbury and Marshfield (1640-1641).
             In 1642, he was on the Duxbury council of war (Sept. 27, 1642).
             In 1643, he served in Capt. Miles Standish's Military Company.
             He and Miles Standish were alternately representatives to the General Court.
             In 1652, he was the constable in Duxbury (June 3, 1652).
             In 1652, with Gov. William Bradford and others he joined in the purchase of Dartmouth and moved to Bridgewater, Mass.
             In 1654, he was on the Plymouth Grand Jury for a second time.
             He was a large landholder, and by trade a blacksmith, master mason and armorer (gunsmith).
             He was a learned man who "had the largest library owned by any of the Pilgrims." (History of the Town of Plymouth, 1885, Pg. 27)
            "The family bearing the name of Bassett is one among the oldest in Massachusetts, as well as one of prominence and eminent respectability." (Southeastern Massachusetts, 1620, Vol. I, Pg. 317)
CG-10: Deacon William Bassett II (1630-1672) m. Bridget Cary (1652-1671): parents of William Bassett III
CG-9: Col. William Bassett III (1671-1723) m. Joanna Burwell (1675-1727): parents of Nathaniel Bassett
CG-8: Nathaniel Bassett (1717-1792) m. Mary Jane House/Huckins (1737-?): parents of Richard William Bassett
CG-7: Richard William Bassett (1760-1840) m. Ann Mary Martin (1770-1840): parents of Kilby Bassett
           Richard William Bassett was a Dragoon in Lee's Legion of Maryland Corps in the Revolutionary War.
CG-6: Kilby Bassett (1798-1863) m. Rebeccah Clower (?): parents of Daniel Clower Harris
CG-5: James Thomas Harris (1825-1868) m. Sarah M. Bassett (1828-1906): parents of Daniel Clower Harris
CG-4: Daniel Clower Harris (1849-1916) m. Nancy Adella (Della) Beltune (1855-?): parents of Vophie Barker Harris
           William "Billy" Henry Sykes (1855-1912) m. Frances "Fannie" Henryetta Poe (1856-1940): parents of Luna Louise Sykes
           Theadore Adondrum Steed (1840-1905) m. Mary Eliza Hall (1847-1923): parents of George Ashmore Steed
           William Glasgow Rambo (1860-?) m. Mattie J. Cheatham (1863-?): parents of Salina Ruth Rambo
           Daniel Boone Johnson (1854-1909) m. Elizabeth Malinda/Melinda Loftin (1858-1931): parents of Robert Houston Johnson
           James J. Gibson (1862-1900) m. Frances Lawson (1864-1910): parents of Vernie/Vernia May Gibson
           Daniel Pilkington (1834-1902) m. Sue Elizabeth Harder (1846-1932): parents of Albert Walton Pennington
           Zachariah Whitney Lindsey (1856-1918) m. Laura Alice Smith (1864-1927): parents of Mabel Irene Lindsey
CG-3: Vophie Barker Harris (1887-1953) m. Luna Louise Sykes (1892-1978): parents of William Sykes Harris I
           George Ashmore Steed (1883-1969) m. Salina Ruth Rambo: parents of Mary Morland Steed
           Robert Houston Johnson (1891-1961) m. Vernie/Vernia May Gibson (1892-1972): parents of James Everette Johnson
           Albert Walton Pennington (1889-1941) m. Mabel Irene Lindsey (1894-?): parents of Martha Elizabeth Pennington
CG-2: William Sykes Harris III (1918-2008) m. Mary Morland Steed (1919-2006): parents of William Sykes Harris II
           James Everette Johnson (1913-1983) m. Martha Elizabeth Pilkington (1916-2010): parents of Susan Elizabeth Johnson
CG-1: William Sykes Harris II (1946-1987) m. Susan Elizabeth Johnson (1946-2013): parents of Elizabeth Steed Harris and William Sykes Harris III
CG:     Elizabeth Steed Harris (1967-) m. Michael Ray Burch (1958-): parents of Jeremy Michael Burch
           William Sykes Harris III
CG+1: Jeremy Michael Burch