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The Best Baseball Nicknames, and Real Names

These are the all-time best baseball nicknames, some of which turn out to be the actual legal names of the players. For instance, Coco Crisp's name really is Coco Crisp!

The All-Time Baseball Nickname Team

C - Johnny Bench, the "Binger Banger"
C - "Yogi" Berra (his name inspired the Yogi Bear cartoon)
1B - Jimmie Foxx, the "Beast" and "Double X"
1B - Lou Gehrig, the "Iron Horse"
2B - Rogers Hornsby, the "Rajah"
2B - "Cocky" Eddie Collins
SS - Honus Wagner, the "Flying Dutchman"
SS - Ozzie Smith, the "Wizard of Oz"
3B - Brooks Robinson, "Mr. Hoover" and "The Vacuum Cleaner"
3B - Pete Rose, "Charlie Hustle"
OF - Ted Williams, "Teddy Ballgame" and the "Splendid Splinter"
OF - Willie Mays, the "Say Hey Kid"
OF - Joe DiMaggio, "Joltin' Joe" and the "Yankee Clipper"
OF - Mickey Mantle, the "Commerce Comet"
OF - "Hammerin'" Hank Aaron
OF - Ty Cobb, the "Georgia Peach"
OF - George Herman Ruth, the "Babe," the "Bambino," the "Sultan of Swat," the "Colossus of Clout," the "Titan of Terror"
P - Walter Johnson, the "Big Train"
P - Randy Johnson, the "Big Unit"
P - Sandy Koufax, the "Left Hand of God"
P - Bob Feller, "Rapid Robert" and "Bullet Bob"
P - Tom Seaver, "Tom Terrific" and "The Franchise"
P - Roger Clemens, the "Rocket"
P - Carl Hubbell, the "Meal Ticket"

The Top Ten Baseball Nicknames of All Time

The Sultan of Swat ― George Herman Ruth
The Left Hand of God ― Sandy Koufax
Cool Papa Bell ― James Bell
The Big Hurt ― Frank Thomas
The Destroyer ― George Foster
The Duke of Flatbush ― Edwin "Duke" Snider
Stan the Man ― Stan Musial
The Wild Horse of the Osage ― Johnny "Pepper" Martin (because of his daring baserunning)
The Lip ― Leo Durocher
Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni hit tape-measure homers, when he managed to make contact!

The Top Ten Real Baseball Names

(10) Dave Winfield (he did a lot of winning in the field)
(9) Jeff Bagwell (he did play the first base bag well, winning a Gold Glove)
(8) Harmon Killebrew (he "killed" many pitchers' victory celebration brews)
(7) James Emory Foxx (sue me, but I just like his name and the way he played the game)
(6) Tom Seaver (Mark Twain would have been proud of baseball's Tom Terrific)
(5) Pete Rose (he came out smelling like a rose, with the records for games, wins, hits and times-on-base)
(4) Johnny Bench (he sent many pitchers and base-stealers back to the bench, shaking their heads in awe)
(3) Tristram Speaker (baseball's poetic knight, he let his bat do most of the speaking, with 3,514 hits)
(2) Fielder Jones (he ironically played for and managed the "Hitless Wonders")
(1) Eddie Stanky (his name truly suited him; Leo "The Lip" Durocher, who managed him with the Dodgers and Giants, once summed up Stanky's talents: "He can't hit, can't run, can't field. He's no nice guy ... all the little SOB can do is win!")

Which Baseball Team had the Best Nicknames?

My vote goes to the 1975-1976 Cincinnati Reds ...

The team was called "The Big Red Machine" (and it really was a hitting, scoring and winning machine)
Manager George Anderson was called "Sparky" and "Captain Hook" (for yanking struggling pitchers quickly) 
Catcher Johnny Bench was "The Binger Banger," "Hench Ench" and "The Little General"
First baseman Tony Perez was "Big Dog," "Big Doggie," "Mr. Clutch" and "The Mayor of Riverfront"
Second baseman Joe Morgan was "Little Joe" (because at 5'7" he resembled Bonanza's Little Joe Cartwright)
Shortstop Dave Concepcion was "El Rey" ("The King")
Third baseman Pete Rose was "Charlie Hustle"
Right Fielder Ken Griffey Sr. was "Proud Papa" (after his son was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame!)
Center fielder Cesar Geronimo was "The Chief" (after the famous Native American chief Geronimo)
Left fielder George Foster was "The Destroyer" and his ebony bat was "The Black Death"
Ace fireballing pitcher Don Gullet was "Bullet"

The Cleverest Baseball Nicknames

The Human Rain Delay ― Mike Hargrove (because he took so much time between pitches)
Le Grand Orange ― "Rusty" Staub was "promoted" when he moved to Montreal
The Minister of Defense ― Garry Maddox
The Wizard of Oz ― Ozzie Smith (and "Oz" rhymes with "ahs")
Vincent Van Go ― Vince Coleman (who stole bases at an "accelerated rate")
Man of Steal ― Rickey Henderson (who was a superman on the basepaths)
Zamboni ― Ken Reitz (he could sweep up everything at third)
Mr. October ― Reggie Jackson (because of his postseason exploits)
Jack the Ripper ― Jack Clark (whose aggressive hitting style suited his nickname)
Stretch ― Willie McCovey (at 6'4", he really could stretch to field errant throws at first)

Baseball's "Twins" and Coincidences

Dizzy and Daffy ― Jay and Paul Dean were brothers who won 49 games for the 1934 Cardinals
Elmer the Great ― Elmer, a third Dean brother, was an ace peanut hawker also know as "Goober" and "Poodle"
Big Poison and Little Poison ― Paul and Lloyd Waner played together for the Pirates, accumulating 5,611 hits
Pinky and Bubbles ― another pair of baseball playing brothers, William and Gene Hargrave
Mickey Mantle was the "Commerce Comet" and Mike Trout is the "Milltown Meteor" (Trout looks and plays like Mantle)
Was Josh Gibson the "Black Babe Ruth" or was Babe Ruth the "White Josh Gibson"?

The Weirdest Baseball Names and Nicknames

"Wee" Willie Keeler
"Creepy" Crespi
"Tomato Face" Cullop
Elmer Klumpp
Clyde Kluttz
"Chicken" Hawks
Rube Waddell
"Rollie" Fingers
Coco Crisp
Milton Bradley
"Chubby" Childs was also known as "The Dumpling," "Fats," "Fatty" and "Cupid"
"Baby Doll" Jacobsen
"Cuckoo" Christensen really was nuts; he would do somersaults in the outfield while the ball was in the air!
Joe Kuhel really was cool; he would do magic tricks like swallowing a pen then pulling it out of his ear to sign autographs!
Dick "Dr. Strangeglove" Stuart
"Chicken" William Van Winkle Wolf
"Piano Legs" Hickman, aka "Cheerful Charlie" was one of the slowest players of his era due to his short, stocky physique
Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish (better known as Cal McLish)
"Hilly" Flitcraft
"Pumpsie" Green
Hazen Shirley "Kiki" Cuyler
Razor Shines
Beef Bonser
... and last but certainly not least the oddly poetic "Hill Billy" Bildilli and the perfect rhymes of Still Bill Hill

Dishonorable Mention: Shooty Babbit, Tim Spooneybarger, "Spud" Chandler, Ten Million, Van Lingle Mungo, "Goose" Gossage, Pickles Dilhoeffer, "Oil Can" Boyd, "Kaiser" Wilhelm, "Bald Eagle" Isbell, Snake Wiltse, "Boom-Boom" Beck, "Fatty" Fothergill, "Vinegar Bend" Mizell, "Blitzen" Benz, Bruno Betzel (named after a dog!), "Icebox" Chamberlain

The Naughtiest, Rudest and Most Inappropriate Baseball Names and Nicknames

Dick Pole
Dick Padden (sounds like "padding")
Pete LaCock
"Ugly" Johnny Dickshot
Rusty Kuntz
Wonderful Monds
Cannonball Titcomb
Pussy Tebeau
"Bunny" Brief
"Stubby" Clapp
Albert Pujols
Chief Bender
Urban Shocker

The players above still have some catching up to do, if they want to compete with racing's Dick Trickle, hockey's Ron Tugnutt and basketball's Chubby Cox!

Fishy Names and Nicknames

Kevin Bass
Sid Bream
Mudcat Grant
Catfish Hunter
Lyle Overbay
Mickey Rivers
Tim Salmon
Mike Trout

A Comprehensive List of Baseball Nicknames and Real Names

The Alameda Rifle ― Chris Speier
American Idle ― Carl Pavano (after signing a $38 million deal, he made just nine starts in four years)
Babe ― George Herman Ruth
Babe ― Floyd Herman (presumably because he shared the name Herman with the first Babe)
The Baby Bull ― Orlando Cepeda
Baby Doll Jacobson
The Baby Giraffe ― Brandon Belt
Bad Bill ― Bill Dahlen
Bags ― Jeff Bagwell
Bake McBride
The Bambino ― George Herman Ruth
Beals Becker
The Beast ― Jimmie Foxx
Bedrock ― Steve Bedrosian
Bibb Falk
Big Bad Vlad ― Vladimir Guerrero
Big Bob ― Bob Gibson
Big Bird ― Mark Fedirych
The Big Cat ― Andres Galarraga
The Big Cat ― Johnny Mize
Big D ― Don Drysdale
Big Daddy ― Rick Reuschel
Big Dee ― Daryl Spencer
Big Ed ― Ed Delahanty
Big Ed ― Ed Walsh
The Big Hurt ― Frank Thomas
Big Mac ― Willie McCovey
Big Mac ― Mark McGwire
The Big Maple ― Jim Paxton (who was born in "maple leaf country" north of the border)
Big Money ― Bengie Molina
Big Papi ― David Ortiz
Big Sam ― Sam Thompson
Big Six ― Christy Matthewson
The Big Train ― Walter Johnson
Big Unit ― Randy Johnson
Big V ― Angel Villalona
Big Z ― Carlos Zambrano
The Bird ― Mark Fidrych
The Black Babe Ruth ― Josh Gibson
Blackie ― Alvin Dark
Blackie ― Gus Mancuso
Black Jack ― Jack McDowell
Blackout ― John Gatlin (in "Little Big League")
Blondie Purcell
Blue Moon ― Johnny Lee Odom
Bonehead ― Fred Merkle
Bones ― Jay Buhner
Boomer ― David Wells
The Boss ― Stan Ross (in "Mr. 3000")
The Brat ― Eddie Stanky
Bucketfoot Al ― Al Simmons
Bullet Bob ― Bob Feller
Bullet ― Joe Rogan
Bye Bye ― Steve Balboni
Campy ― Roy Campanella
Candy ― William Cummings
Candy Maldonado
The Capital Punisher ― Frank Howard
Captain Video ― Tony Gwynn
Carson Crusher ― Matt Williams
Catfish ― Jim Hunter
Caveman ― Don Robinson
Cha Cha ― Orlando Cepeda
The Chairman of the Board ― "Whitey" Ford
Charlie Hustle ― Pete Rose
Chick Gandil
Chief ― John Meyers
Chili ― Charles Davis
Chipper ― Larry Jones
The Chosen One ― Buster Posey
Cobra ― Dave Parker
Cocky ― Eddie Collins
The Colossus of Clout ― George Herman Ruth
The Commerce Comet ― Mickey Mantle
Cool Papa ― James Bell
The Count of Contact ― Stan Ross (in "Mr. 3000")
Crime Dog ― Fred McGriff
The Cuban Crusher ― Pedro Cerrano (in "Major League")
Cyclone ― Joe Williams
Cyclone ― Cy Young
Daffy ― Paul Dean
Dazzy ― Clarence Vance
Debs Garms
Dennis the Menace ― Dennis Eckersley
Dirt ― Dick Tidrow
Dirty Jack ― Jack Doyle
Dizzy ― Jay Dean
Doc ― Dwight Gooden
Dominican Dandy ― Juan Marichal
Donny Baseball ― Don Mattingly
Double X ― Jimmie Foxx
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. October ― Livan Hernandez
Dr. K ― Dwight Gooden
Ducky-Wucky ― Joe Medwick
The Duke of Flatbush ― Duke Snider
The Duke of Tralee ― Roger Bresnahan
Dummy ― William Ellsworth Hoy (who was deaf, but no dummy)
Eagle Eye ― Jacon Beckley
Ears ― Don Mossi
The Eck ― Dennis Eckersley
El Caballo ― Carlos Lee
El Duque ― Orlando Hernandez
El Guapo ― Rich Garces
El Sid ― Sid Fernandez
El Toro ― Fernando Valenzuela
Everyday ― Eddie Guardado
Fast Freddy ― Fred Lewis
Fielder Jones
The Flying Dutchman ― Honus Wagner
The Flying Scot ― Bobby Thompson
The Flyin' Hawaiian ― Shane Victorino
The Fordham Flash ― Frank Frisch
The Franchise ― Tim Lincecum
The Franchise ― Tom Seaver
The Freak ― Tim Lincecum
The Gause Ghost ― Jo-Jo Moore
The Gambler ― Kenny Rogers (after the same-named country singer's most famous song)
The Gerbil ― Don Zimmer
The Georgia Peach ― Ty Cobb
Gorgeous George ― George Sisler
Giambino ― Jason Giambi
Godzilla ― Hideki Matsui
Gookey ― Travis Dawkins
Goose ― Leon Goslin
Goose ― Rich Gossage
The Greatest Living Ballplayer ― Joe DiMaggio
The Grey Eagle ― Tris Speaker
Hack ― Lewis Wilson
Hackman ― Jeffrey Leonard
The Hammer ― Henry Aaron
The Hammer ― John Milner
Hammerin' Hank ― Henry Aaron
Hammerin' Hank ― Hank Greenberg
Happy Jack ― Jack Chesbro
Harry The Horse ― Harry Danning
The Hawk ― Andre Dawson
Hawk ― Ken Harrelson
Hendu ― Dave Henderson
Highpockets ― George Kelly
Hit Dog ― Mo Vaughn
Hit 'Em Where They Ain't ― Willie Keeler
Home Run ― Frank Baker
The Hoosier Hammer ― Chuck Klein
The Hoosier Thunderbolt ― Amos Rusie
Hoot ― Bob Gibson
Howdy Doody ― Darrell Evans
The Human Rain Delay ― Mike Hargrove
Ignitor ― Paul Molitor
Immortal ― Joe Azcue
Iron Horse ― Lou Gehrig
Iron Man ― Joe McGinnity
Iron Man ― Cal Ripken Jr.
Jack the Ripper ― Jack Clark
The Jet ― Benny Rodriguez (in "The Sandlot")
Joltin' Joe ― Joe DiMaggio
Juan Gone ― Juan Gonzalez
The Kentucky Colonel ― Earle Combs
The Kid ― Gary Carter
Kid ― Charles Nichols
The Kid ― Robin Yount
Killer ― Harmon Killebrew
King ― Michael Kelly
King Carl ― Carl Hubbell
King Felix ― Felix Hernandez
The King of Crash ― George Herman Ruth
The King of Sting ― George Herman Ruth
The King of Swing ― Stan Ross (in "Mr. 3000")
Kingfish ― Tim Salmon
The Knight of Kennett Square ― Herb Pennock
Knucksie ― Phil Niekro
Kong ― Dave Kingman
Kung Fu Panda ― Pablo Sandoval
Laughing Larry ― Larry Doyle
The Left Hand of God ― Sandy Koufax
Lefty ― Steve Carlton
Lefty ― Vernon Gomez
Lefty ― Robert Grove
Le Grand Orange ― Daniel Joseph Staub (formerly known as "Rusty")
Bob Lemon
Jim Lemon
Leo the Lip ― Leo Durocher
Lippy ― Leo Durocher
The Lion King ― Seung-Yeop Lee
Little Colonel ― Pee Wee Reese
Little Louie ― Luis Aparicio
Little Napoleon ― John McGraw
Little Poison ― Lloyd Waner
The Little Steam Engine ― James Galvin
Mad Dog ― Greg Maddux
Man of Steal ― Rickey Henderson
Master Melvin ― Mel Ott
The Mayor ― Sean Casey
The Meal Ticket ― Carl Hubbell
The Mechanical Man ― Charlie Gehringer
Mandrake The Magician ― Don Mueller
Memphis Bill ― Bill Terry
Mex ― Keith Hernandez
The Mexicutioner ― Joakim Soria
The Mick ― Mickey Mantle
The Mighty Mite ― Miller Huggins
The Minister of Defense ― Garry Maddox
Molly ― Paul Molitor
Mookie ― Willie Wilson
Mookie Betts
Moonie ― Greg Minton
Moose ― Mike Mussina
Mr. April ― Dave Winfield
Mr. Clutch ― Tony Perez
Mr. Cub ― Ernie Banks
Mr. Freeze ― Albert Belle
Mr. Hoover ― Brooks Robinson (because he vacuumed up every ball in sight)
Mr. October ― Reggie Jackson
Mudcat ― Jim Grant
Muggsy ― Eddie Stanky
Muscles ― Joe Medwick
Nails ― Len Dykstra
The Natural ― Ken Griffey Jr.
The Natural ― Alex Rodriguez
Oil Can ― Dennis Boyd
Old Aches and Pains ― Luke Appling
Old Fox ― Clark Griffith
Old Hoss ― Charles Radbourn
The Ole Professor ― Casey Stengel
Ol' Stubblebeard ― Burleigh Grimes (MLB's last legal spitballer)
The Patriarch ― Joe Kennedy
Pee Wee ― Harold Reese
The Penguin ― Ron Cey
"Pepper" Martin ― Johnny Martin
Piano Legs ― George Gore
Piano Legs ― Charlie Hickman
Pie ― Harold Traynor
Poison Ivy ― Ivy Andrews
Poison ― Paul Waner
Pokey ― Calvin Reese
Pops ― Willie Stargell
The Preying Mantis ― Hunter Pence
Prince Hal ― Hal Newhouser
The Professor ― Greg Maddux
Psycho ― Steve Lyons
Pudge ― Carlton Fisk
Pudge ― Ivan Rodriguez
Rags ― Dave Righetti
Rajah ― Rogers Hornsby
Rapid Robert ― Bob Feller
The Rat ― Gary Gaetti
Rip ― George Van Haltren
The Riverside Ripper ― Bobby Bonds
Roadrunner ― Ralph Garr
Rock ― Tim Raines
The Rocket ― Roger Clemens
Rowdy Richard ― Dick Bartell
Rusty ― Daniel Joseph Staub
The Ryan Express ― Lynn Nolan Ryan
Ryno ― Ryne Sandberg
The Sandman ― Mariano Rivera (he put hitters out for the night)
Sarge ― Gary Matthews
Satchel ― Leroy Paige
The Say Hey Kid ― Willie Mays
Schnozz ― Ernie Lombardi
Scoops ― Max Carey
Scooter ― Phil Rizzuto
Scrap Iron ― Clint Courtney
Scrap Iron ― Phil Garner
Scrappy Bill ― Bill Joyce
Senor Smoke ― Juan Berenger
Senor Smoke ― Aurelio Lopez
Orator Shafer
Sharknado ― Nolan Arenado
Shoeless ― Joe Jackson
Shooter ― Rod Beck
Shortwave ― Dick Bartell
Shrek ― Kevin Mench
Silent Mike ― Mike Tiernan
The Silver Fox ― Duke Snider
Sky King ― Dave Kingman
Slammin' Sammy ― Sammy Sosa
Smoke ― Dave Stewart
Smokey ― Walter Alston
Smokey Joe ― Joe Williams
Smokey Joe ― Joe Wood
Smokey Burgess
Snuffy Stirnweiss
The Spaceman ― Bill Lee
The Sphinx ― Don Mossi
The Splendid Splinter ― Ted Williams
Stan the Man ― Stan Musial
The Staten Island Scot ― Bobby Thompson
Stonewall ― Travis Jackson
Stretch ― Willie McCovey
Stuffy McInnis
Sunny ― Jim Bottomley
The Sultan of Swat ― Babe Ruth
The Swamp Fox ― Alvin Dark
Taffy Wright
Tall Tactician ― Connie Mack
Teddy Ballgame ― Ted Williams
Terminator ― Jeff Reardon
Terrific ― Tom Seaver
Thunderpup ― Shawon Dunston
Three Finger ― Mordecai Brown
The Tilden Flash ― Richie Ashburn
Tomato Face ― Nick Cullop
Tornado ― Nolan Arenado
Toy Cannon ― Jimmy Wynn
T-Rex ― Rex Penebaker
Trojan ― Johnny Evers
Trot Nixon
The Vacuum Cleaner ― Brooks Robinson
The Village Idiot ― Ruben Sierra
Vincent Van Go ― Vince Coleman
Ugly ― Johnny Dickshot
Wee Willie ― Willie Keeler
Whitey ― Edward Charles Ford
Whitey ― Norman Herzog
Wildfire ― Frank Schulte
The Wild Horse of the Osage ― Johnny "Pepper" Martin
Wild Thing ― Mitch Williams
Wild Thing ― Ricky Vaughn (in "Major League")
Will the Thrill ― Will Clark
The Wizard ― Ozzie Smith
Wizard ― Ichiro Suzuki
The Wizard of Wood ― Stan Ross (in "Mr. 3000")
The Wonder Dog ― Rex Hudler
Woody ― Kirk Rueter
The X-Factor ― David Eckstein
The Yankee Clipper ― Joe DiMaggio
Yogi ― Lawrence Peter Berra
Zamboni ― Ken Reitz (he could sweep up everything at third)

Baseball Team, Stadium and Group Nicknames

The Bash Brothers ― Mark McGwire & Jose Canseco
Battle by the Bay ― San Francisco v. Oakland in 1989
The Big Red Machine ― Reds of the 1970's
The Black Sox Scandal ― 1919 White Sox threw the Series
The Bob ― Bank One Ballpark
The Boo Birds ― Fans Who Boo at One Player
The Boys of Summer ― Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950's
The Brew Crew ― Milwaukee Brewers
The Bronx Bombers ― New York Yankees
The Chop ― Chant by Atlanta Braves Fans
Dynamic Duo ― Kevin Mitchell & Will Clark
E-10 ― Error by a Fan at AT&T Park
The Fightin' Hydrants ― Benard, Rios, & Santangelo
The Gas House Gang ― St. Louis Cardinals of the 1940's
The Green Monster ― Left Field Wall in Fenway
Harvey's Wallbangers ― Milwaukee Brewers of 1982
The Hitless Wonders ― 1906 White Sox hit .230
The House That Ruth Built ― Yankee Stadium
The Jake ― Jacobs Field
The Killer B's ― C. Biggio, J. Bagwell, & L. Berkman
The Killer B's ― Giants 1989 Bench Players
The Little Red Machine ― Angels of 2002
Murderer's Row ― Yankees of the late 1920's
The Nasty Boys ― Reds Bullpen of 1990
Pacific Sock Exchange ― Kevin Mitchell & Will Clark
The Shot Heard 'Round The World ― Bobby Thompson HR in 1951 v. Dodgers
The Subway Series ― New York Yankees v. New York Mets
The Team of Dustiny ― 1997 San Francisco Giants
Uncle Charlie ― Curveball
Where Homers Go to Die ― Left Center at Yankee Stadium
Where Triples Go to Die ― Joe Jackson's Glove
The Yankees' Unofficial Farm Team ― The Kansas City Athletics

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