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Mike Trout Nicknames

Is it time to start calling Mike Trout baseball's "WAR Lord" ... the "God of WAR" ... or perhaps "The WAR GOAT"? After all, Trout's 9.4 WAR per 162 games is second only to Babe Ruth's WAR/162 and Trout is doing it against much more difficult pitching and defenses to get hits against.

These are our top ten Mike Trout nicknames:

The Millville Meteor
The Natural
The Franchise
The Phenom
The Kid
and Kiiiiid (as Trout spelled it on a jersey when he was allowed to pick his own nickname)
The Archangel
Halo Man
Steelhead, Rainbow
and Cutthroat (three superior athletes among the trout family)
The WAR God
and The WAR Lord
and The WAR GOAT

There are more Mike Trout nicknames below, along with Mike Trout jokes, t-shirt slogans and coinages (did you know "Troutian" is now officially an adjective? For example: "Shohei Ohtani is doing Troutian things, like running faster than the wind."). We also have a section of Sportswriter Nickname Coinages and Quotes ...

"With his higher K & BB rates this year, he's the Three True Troutcomes." — Eugene Freedman

In 2021 there are three possibilities for pitchers: If they don't strike Trout out, he will get on base, and if they make a mistake he will crush a 450-foot homer with an exit velocity of 115.5 mph, demolishing nearby schools and terrorizing air traffic controllers. At the time I wrote this update, Trout's 24.1% barrel rate was by far MLB's highest, his OPB was over .500 and his BABIP was .556, so the only possible saving grace for pitchers is that his strikeouts are also up in 2021.

Trout's third monster home run of the 2021 season left his bat at 110.6 mph and nearly destroyed an elementary school. "Luckily school was out for the evening," Angels manager Joe Maddon quipped. "That one definitely had some flight attendants working on it." Trout's sixth homer left his bat at 115.5 mph and is now presumably orbiting the earth. In the same game Trout showed his elite speed by beating out a routine grounder to second with a sprint speed of 30.2 seconds.

Mike Trout Jokes, Part I

Q: When is a Trout not a fish?
A: When he's the GOAT.

Mike Trout has been so consistently excellent that he's been accused of being boring. We don't agree, but the jokes can be amusing!

Q: When Mike Trout retires, what position will the Los Angeles Angels offer him?
A: Chairman of the Bored

Q: How does Mike Trout keep his uniforms so clean?
A: Borax

Q: How will Mike Trout get to Cooperstown for his Hall of Fame induction ceremony?
A: Boring 747


On July 12, 2019 we may have seen the most amazing and mysterious baseball game ever played. This was the game in which every Angel wore number 45 in honor of their lost teammate, Tyler Skaggs, known affectionately to the team by his nicknames Swaggy, Swaggy-T and T-Swags. In Mike Trout's first at-bat, he hit a 454-foot homer. That's 45 forwards and backwards! The Angels scored 7 runs in the first inning, the number of heavenly perfection. Tyler was 27, in his 7th season in the majors, and his record was 7-7. But that's just the beginning. In the Angels' first home game since Tyler passed away, pitchers Taylor Cole and Felix Pena threw a combined no-hitter. According to STATS, it was the first combined no-no in California since July 13, 1991, the day Tyler Skaggs was born. The Angels scored 13 runs, which might seem unlucky, but not so. In this case, 7 and 13 go together perfectly, because 7*13=91 and Tyler was born on 7/13/91. As Trout told reporters: "Tyler's birthday is 7/13. Tomorrow. They'd tell you to rewrite this script to make it more believable if you turned this in!" (And because the game started at 10pm EST, by the time it ended, it actually was Tyler's birthday for most of the world.) Tyler's mother Debbie threw out the first pitch, and it was a perfect strike. We all know how rare that is. Cole and Pena almost threw a perfect game, but faced 28 batters, one more than the minimum. A tiny flaw? No, because it was Tyler's 28th birthday. "This is all for him," Pena said in Spanish after the game. "I feel like we have an angel looking down on us." Did this wonderfully mysterious game just confirm that our departed loved ones are watching over us, and that all is well with them? Trout reflected everyone's amazement: "I'm speechless. This is the best way to honor him." Popular hashtags included #goosebumps #wow #45 #Skaggs#45 and #RIP45.

Okay, back to nicknames ...

Please be sure to to check out our Game of Thrones Nicknames, below. My personal favorite is Slayer of White Walkers. Can you guess who the "white walkers" are?

I also like Benny Bam's discussion of Mike Trout as a Marvel superhero called the Walking Conundrum. It appears in our Marvel Superhero Nicknames section.

We also have a section of Bad Fish Jokes which contains the stunning (and true) revelation that there was once a baseball player named Trout who racked up more WAR in one season than lil' Mikey Trout did in his best year! And believe it or not, this Trout was the Ohtani of his day, racking up serious WAR as both a hitter and a pitcher. He even did triple duty as a relief pitcher! Also, he was such a stud that his son played major league baseball for twelve years. His son was known, no kidding, as "Rainbow Trout." And no, we are not making up a Big Fish Story. Nor did this Trout play in the 1800s. This dude was a legit mid-century superstar who ended up with the same career WAR as Sandy Koufax and Ralph Kiner despite a similar small window of stupendous years. He didn't really take off until he was 28, and his last huge WAR year was at age 31. But like the girl in the poem, when he was good, he was really, really good.

If you want to know how a Trout can become the GOAT, please check out Is Mike Trout already the GOAT?

Here are more Mike Trout nicknames ...


Mike Trout is unpretentious and a sort of "aw shucks" superstar, so "Trouty" seems to suit him. But this nickname is reserved for family, friends and fans. Everyone else must show the proper due respect! This is also true for "the Troutster" and other corny terms of endearment. 

Trout Man and Fish Man

These nicknames are popular on fan boards where Tarzan-speak apparently rules. A typical conversation goes something like this ...

StatGeek: Mike Trout just passed Cody Bellinger in FanGraphs fWAR!
Angelfan: He just hit a home run! It's troutta here!
Angelbro: Trout Man good.
Angelfan: Fish Man good.
Angelbro: Trout hit hard, Trout throw hard, Trout run hard.
Angelgroupie: MVP mean Mike Very Powerful.

The Supernatural

Roy Hobbs was the original Natural. But Mike Trout has eclipsed even the fictional phenom, so we are upgrading him to The Supernatural.

Mike Freakin' Trout

By the middle of his age 27 season, Mike Trout had already passed more than 180 hall-of-famers in WAR, including legends like Al Simmons, Ernie Banks, Willie McCovey, Carl Hubbell, Duke Snider, Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax, Goose Goslin, Bob Feller, Home Run Baker, Harmon Killebrew, Dazzy Vance, Yogi Berra, Hank Greenberg, Willie Stargell, Joe Medwick, Bill Terry, Ralph Kiner, Wee Willie Keeler ...

Incredibly, Trout passed most of those 180 baseball legends in one-half to one-third the playing time.

We can only echo the Tarzan-speak!

The One-Man Statcast Show

This one was coined by after a July 23, 2019 game in which Trout hit his 11th homer in 13 days, a 454-foot blast that left his bat at 111 mph and nearly left Dodger Stadium. In the same game Trout uncorked a 98.6-mph throw that flew 261 feet to get Max Muncy out at the plate.

The Light King

In baseball's Game of Thrones, Mike Trout is the Light King and the Light Bearer. There are more Game of Thrones nicknames a few notches down.

The Measuring Rod

How do we know when the baseball season is in "full swing," if you'll pardon the pun? How can we tell when unsustainable early-season heroics are officially over? In the past, it was when the last batter slipped below the .400 mark. But in the sabermetric era, it has become the day Mike Trout is first or second in WAR, which is inevitably where he ends up. Since his rookie season in 2012, Trout has always finished first or second in WAR when healthy, and usually first. In 2019 that happened in mid-June when Trout passed Cody Bellinger in fWAR.


Related Nicknames: Money Mike, Daddy WARbucks

Mike Trout has topped the MLB Network's list of the "Top 100 Right Now" a stunning six times. Far behind Trout on the 2018 list were prized free agents Manny Machado (14th) and Bryce Harper (15th). Machado signed a $300 million contract with the San Diego Padres. Harper then signed with the Phillies for $330 million. So how much is Mike Trout worth? FanGraphs published an article documenting that, according to WAR, Mike Trout is better than Manny Machado and Bryce Harper combined! Harper and Machado together produced 60.9 WAR from 2012 to 2018. Over the same period, Trout produced 64.0 WAR. If they're worth $660 million together, what is Trout worth? (Trout's worst season was better than Machado's best season and Trout had seven of the eight best individual seasons between the three players, with only Harper's MVP season besting Trout's worst season.) If Machado and Harper are worth $660 million, Trout must be worth more. It's simple moneyball math! So the Angels got a real bargain when Trout signed a ten-year extension for "only" $360 million. With the two years remaining on Trout's original contract, the total deal is $430 million for twelve years, or nearly half a billion dollars. But I agree with Ben Lindbergh's article titled "Mike Trout Isn't Worth $430 Million—He’s Worth Much More." Lindbergh explains Trout's dilemma succinctly and concisely: "The problem for Trout is that he's too good to be paid exactly what he’s worth." Hell, he had to give the Angels more than a quarter billion discount! Here, I'll do the math:

$660 million * 64.0 / 60.9 = $694 million billable - $430 million paid = $264 million discount

When informed of Trout's massive new contract, Albert Pujols joked, "Pretty sure I ain't paying one more dinner for him!"

King Fish 2.0 and Prince Fish

Tim Salmon, another Angel, was the original "King Fish" back in his day. In Trout's younger days he was "Prince Fish" but after he passed Salmon in WAR, he became "Crown Prince Fish" then "King Fish 2.0" to his loyal subjects.

The Fisher King

The Fisher King was the keeper of the Holy Grail. One of the Fisher King's tasks was defeating the Nine Witches, an obvious reference to the Houston Astros' starting nine. The Fisher King was wounded in the groin and Mike Trout suffered a groin injury early in the 2019 season, so that conclusively proves the connection!

God's Gift

Angels are God's gift to humanity, so perhaps that is the source of this nickname.

The Logo

There are reports that Mike Trout will be featured in the MLB logo, the way Jerry West is featured in the NBA logo.

The Digger

Torii Hunter called Mike Trout the Digger because he creates divots when he runs. Trout is so big and so fast and runs with such ferocity that he leaves craters along the first-base line. "That's something that I saw in him. That's the intangible that you can't really teach," Hunter said. "A lot of guys are fast, but they don't dig. They don't find the fight. He digs and finds the fight inside of him to get to first base, and that's a trait I really want a majority of major leaguers and minor leaguers to have, and it's hard to find. When he runs, he digs earth out of the ground and he pounds in there, and just to [watch] him running down the line is very impressive."

The Rooster

Umpire Mike Winters observed: "When he runs, it's like there's a rooster tail going up behind him. It's amazing how high the dirt flies up behind him."

The Cyclone

Greg Morhardt, the scout who tracked Trout for the Angels, saw that same trait in a teenage Trout, remembering how Trout would tear up the high school fields he played on because of how hard he ran. Another scout turned and said to Morhardt, "It's like he's a ball of energy. He just rips the ground up."

The Freight Train and The Trout Train

In one high school showcase, Trout was matched against Anthony Gomez, another New Jersey product who would go on to play at Vanderbilt. Gomez said that when the hat was dropped to start the sprint, he saw Trout slip on his first step and Gomez took the lead. But about halfway across the 60 yards, he could hear Trout coming "like a freight train," as Gomez told Morhardt. "You could hear the power of Mike running behind you."

Lights Out Trout

Just when you think it's impossible to get any better, Mike Trout does it and makes it look easy, like flipping a light switch.

Captain of the Angelic Hosts

This is the formal title of Saint Michael the Archangel, who has obviously come to earth in human form as Michael Nelson Trout.

The Incomparable Michael Nelson Trout

He'll have a hard time fitting this one on his jersey!

Marvel Superhero Nicknames

Aquaman (well, trout do love the water!)
Captain America
Captain Marvel
Hawkeye (he seldom swings and misses)
Iron Man
Mr. Fantastic
Speed Demon
Silver Surfer
War Bird
War Bound
War Hawk
War Machine
The Walking Conundrum

On Halo Hangout, Benny Bam discussed Mike Trout as a Marvel superhero and called him the Walking Conundrum. Trump is a Conundrum because even when he seems to be human and in a "slump," the numbers prove that he's getting on base more than ever. A third of the way into the 2019 season, in the middle of a "slump" that has many fans concerned, Trout was projecting 150 hits, 150 walks, 25 intentional walks, 30 hits by pitches, 120 runs, 40 doubles, 40 homers, 100 RBI, 310 total bases, and 20 steals. His OPS+ is freakin' 179! That's a helluva slump! Benny Bam closed by saying: "Trout is a walking conundrum, because there is no way to put into perspective what you are witnessing. Which means if his 'slump' in average goes back up… your eyes will again look for comparable other worldly comparisons. His cape, laser beams, and wings will all return in the visual spectrum in that singular moment. Just remember, he doesn’t actually need them. Wait, WHAT?"

"Walking" is cute because that's one of Trout's invisible superpowers. A 150-hit season, with Trout's kind of power, is damn good in its own right. But according to the numbers above, Trout is likely to end up on base 350+ times. Then add extra bases for 40 doubles, 40 homers and 20 steals. That's 535 bases. And that's why Trout is a Marvel superhero even when he seems to be in a slump. BTW, the Walking Conundrum has never gone more than two games without getting on base. Trout has lots of superpowers, but getting on base is at the top of the list.

Game of Thrones Nicknames

Mike Trout is the First of His Name, King of the Angels, Lord of the Four Bases, and Protector of the Centerfield Realm
King of the North (i.e., centerfield)
Big Stickboy
Giant of Anaheim
The Slayer of White Walkers (pale, frightened pitchers)
Lord Mookie's Bane
Bryce Harper's Bane
Golden Halo Man

Sportswriter Nickname Coinages and Quotes

The Veritable WAR Machine (Zachary D. Rymer, Bleacher Report)
Legendary (Erik Williams, USA Today Sports)
The One True MVP (Matt Monagan,
Baseball's Undisputed Overlord (Alden Gonzalez, ESPN)
Beyond Superlatives (Michael Clair,
The Unstoppable Mike Trout (Michael Clair)
Mike Trout the Beater of Worlds (Michael Clair)
Mike Trout the Fearsome and Most Powerful (Michael Clair)
The Best at Everything in Baseball (Michael Clair)
Baseball's Perpetual Motion Machine (Ben Lindbergh, Baseball Prospectus )
The best player of the 21st century. (Joel Sherman, New York Post)
Absolutely Ridiculous  (Erik Williams, USA Today Sports)
Just Insane (Erik Williams, USA Today Sports)
The last batter any pitcher wants to see at the plate in any situation. (Mark Townsend, Yahoo! Sports)
Mike Trout is really good at baseball. (Many)
It's time for the Barry Bonds treatment. (Many)
The best player in baseball. (Many, often without bothering to add Trout's name.)
Monster Fish (Brad Johnson on the Fangraphs website)

Metronome of Greatness

Trout is a metronome of greatness. He has better than a 1.000 OPS at home and away, day game or night, vs. lefties or righties, starters or relievers, first pitch or full count, no one on or runners in scoring position, April, May or June. (Joel Sherman)

Magic Mike

Mike Trout has a magic wand mere mortals cannot hope to wield.

The Ultimate Five Tool Player

Mike Trout's career OBP is .418, better than Stan Musial, Wade Boggs and Mel Ott
Mike Trout's career slugging percentage is .575, better than Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron
Mike Trout's career stolen base percentage is 3rd all-time for 200+ attempts, better than nearly everyone's
Mike Trout's career fielding percentage is 12th all-time, better than nearly every outfielder's
Mike Trout has a cannon arm according to Statcast, which recorded a 94.8 mph throw from center during a game in September, 2017

Mr. Black Ink

On and other baseball stats pages, league-leading numbers appear in bold or "extra black" ink. Thus, Mike Trout's pages are awash in black ink.


Mike Trout fans know that he should have been AL MVP every year he's played. But he keeps getting robbed because the Angels haven't been making the playoffs. (Well, maybe Mookie Betts did edge him out in 2018.)

WAR: Variations on a Theme

The WAR Lord
The God of WAR
Man o'WAR (in other words, a real thoroughbred)

The Jeter Beater and The Jeter Defeater

When Mike Trout was growing up, Derek Jeter was his idol. Then Trout passed Jeter in WAR in just nine years, compared to twenty years for Jeter!

A. Cox

Mike Trout honored his brother-in-law, Aaron Cox, with a touching tribute when he wore "A. Cox" on the back of his Players' Weekend jersey in a game against the Astros at Angel Stadium. Trout had been expected to use "Kiiiiid" as his nickname, but he made the change after Cox died at age 24 on August 15, 2018. Prior to the game, the Angels held a moment of silence for Cox, who had been a minor league pitcher for the club. Cox was Trout's fellow baseball star at Millville High School in New Jersey and the younger brother of Trout's wife Jessica. "You were more than just my brother-in-law ... you were my best friend," Trout wrote. "You made such an impact on my life since the day I first met you. You were an amazing person inside & out that showed us all how to live life to the fullest. Seeing and hearing about your impact on other people are all things that made me a better person every single day. You will always be remembered for your crazy dance moves and your big smile and how much you cared for people and our family."

There are more Mike Trout nicknames in the expanded list at the bottom of this page.

Other Angel Nicknames

Tyler Skaggs nicknames: Swaggy, Swaggy-T, T-Swags

Albert Pujols nicknames: The Machine, #Machine, Prince Albert, King Albert, Phat Albert, Sir Albert, Big Al, El Hombre, MV3, The Mang, Old Man River (he just keeps rolling along; at age 39, Pujols was on pace to hit 30+ homers with 100+ RBI while not playing every day)

Shohei Ohtani nicknames: The Big Oh!, Uncanny Ohtani, Oh-Oh, Double Trouble, Shoh-Time, Shoh-Gun, The Nippon Assassin, Stone Buddha, The Japanese Babe Ruth

Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco were the Bash Brothers. But Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani  may have even better slash lines (batting average/on base percentage/slugging percentage), so let's call then the Slash Brothers. Or how about the Smash Brothers, the Crash Brothers and the Brash Brothers (although they will need to work on the brashness thing). Also, the Flash Brothers, because they're both incredibly fast for their size.

Andrelton Simmons: Simon

Brian Goodwin nicknames: B-Good, Mono

Tommy La Stella: Slim, 3AM (after Cubs manager Joe Maddon said La Stella can "get up at 3AM, get out of bed and hit anyone."

David Fletcher: Fletch

Cam Bedrosian: Bedrock

Kole Calhoun: Koleman, The Raspberry Raker

Jonathan Lucroy: Budsworth

Zack Cozart: Penny

Griffin Canning: Tricky

Luke Bard: Major Key

Chris Stratton: Yus

Peter Bourjos: Revy

Noe Ramirez: Crony

Dillon Peters: Shoe

There is an expanded list of Mike Trout nicknames at the bottom of this page.

If you want to know why Mike Trout is likely to become the GOAT, including lifetime WAR projections, please click here: Is Mike Trout the GOAT?

Mike Trout Coinages

Troutian (adj.) beyond the pale; outrageously great; unparalleled; Ruthian ("Shohei Ohtani is capable of hitting Troutian home runs.")
Trouted (v) routed on a ball field by a vastly superior talent ("AL pitchers keep getting Trouted.")
Trout Treatment (n) similar to "Bonds Treatment" (For instance, when a pitcher intentionally walks a hitter with the bases loaded.)
Troutstanding (adj.) beyond outstanding; superlative ("We had a troutstanding weekend!")
Troutsanity (n.) a euphoric condition fans enter when watching Mike Trout play, or just reading his stats. ("Troutsanity reigns in Anaheim.")

Mike Trout T-Shirt Slogans

It's Troutta Here!
Harper-Trout 2020 (another desperate plea for Trout to save the Phillies)

Mike Trout Jokes, Part II

Here's our favorite Mike Trout joke to date (yes, we are easily amused):

Q: When is a Trout not a fish?
A: When he's the GOAT.

Shohei Ohtani has a sense of humor. When he was informed that he couldn't wear uniform number 11 because it had been retired by the Angels for Jim Fregosi, Ohtani insisted that he wanted Mike Trout's number 27!

When Mike Trout was born, the Angels started singing for joy!

It turns out that Angels really like fish. First Tim Salmon was their best hitter, now it's Mike Trout.

This leads us to ...

Bad Fish Jokes

"Fishy" baseball names include: Mike Trout, Dizzy Trout, Steve Trout, Tim Salmon, Chico Salmon, Mike Carp, Sid Bream, "Catfish" Hunter, "Mudcat" Grant, Lip Pike, Ralph Garr, A.J. Pollock, Kevin Bass, Randy Bass, Anthony Bass, Bobby Sturgeon, George Haddock, Cod Meyers, Ed Whiting, Marlin Stuart, "Oyster" Burns, Roy Crab, Callix Crabbe, Jesse "Crab" Burkett, Johnny "Crab" Evers, Estel "Crabby" Crabtree, Fred "Whale" Walters, Mickey Rivers, Steve Lake, John Wetteland, Muddy Ruel, Bobby Scales, Neal Finn, Johnny Gill, Gil Hodges, Benji Gil, Jay Hook, Hooks Dauss, Newt Fisher, George "Showboat" Fisher, Allyn "Fish Hook" Stout, Nate Spears, Ray Blades, Ray King, Johnny Ray, Chris Ray, Hank Conger, Harry Eels, Snapper Kennedy, Oscar Gamble, Melvin Mora, Brandon Puffer, Bob Lurie and Chub Feeney

But we all must bow down to the landslide winner: Art "Red" Herring!

If the daughter of Hank Conger married the son of Harry Eels, their children would be Conger Eels.

Ironically, Mike Trout doesn't have the best WAR season by a baseball-playing Trout, or at least not yet! Dizzy Trout had 11.3 WAR during an amazing 1944 season in which he won 27 games, threw 352.1 innings and had a glittering 2.12 ERA. He earned 1.5 of that WAR at the plate, hitting .271 and slugging .429 with four doubles, a triple, five homers and 24 RBI. His son Steve "Rainbow" Trout also pitched in the majors, winning 88 games over a twelve-year career.

The Best Ever?

Mike Trout is off to the fastest start in the history of major league baseball ...

Mike Trout was the GOAT at Age 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24!

As Neil Paine pointed out, "Through every single age in which he played a full season, Mike Trout has been the all-time career leader in [cumulative] WAR for position players. It was true through age 20, age 21, age 22, age 23 and — after posting 10.6 WAR in 2016, a performance that basically matched his previous single-season peak — age 24. No player has ever started his career on this kind of tear — not Ruth, not Cobb, not Mantle, nobody!"

In other words, nearly 20,000 men have played major league baseball and not a single one of them was as good as Trout at any age he has reached so far!

A season with 5.0 WAR or higher is all-star level. Only three players in MLB history have had six seasons of WAR 5.0 or higher by age 25. One is Mike Trout. The other two are Ty Cobb and Mickey Mantle. They also rank 1-2-3 in cumulative WAR by age 24 and age 25.

But as crazy as it sounds, Trout is still getting better. For instance, in 2017 his OBP soared to .442, his slugging percentage to .630, and his OPS+ to 187. Those are crazy heights, Ruthian heights. In 2018, despite some early hitless games, Trout was slugging .720 with a crazy 210 OPS+. After 47 games, he led all MLB in WAR, OBP and stolen base efficiency (a perfect ten-for-ten); and was second in walks; third in runs; fourth in homers, slugging and OPS; and ninth in steals.

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes and Mike Trout leading all MLB in WAR.

As one analyst observed: "Trout simply has no peers in the game today." No peers. None. Nada. Zip. Perhaps even more amazingly, Trout has very few peers in the past, and he could eclipse them all! We are seeing something completely unprecedented: a player with a chance to be better than Mickey Mantle, better than Ty Cobb, even better than Babe Ruth ... if he can keep it up. Trout is much faster than Ruth, much stronger than Cobb, and (as far as we know) much cleaner-and healthier-living than Mantle. While Trout could slow down, there is also the possibility that he may continue to improve (which seems to be the case so far). For instance, through the first 35 games of 2018, Trout was on track for a 15 WAR season, which has never been achieved in the history of major league baseball by a non-pitcher. The only position player to have a 14 WAR season was Babe Ruth, and he did it just once. Our estimate for Trout's WAR this season started at a sky-high 12, but he could force us to adjust it higher. So far in 2018, Trout's slugging percentage, OPS and OPS+ are the highest of his career. He's on track to hit around 50 homers with 40 steals and 150 walks. No one has ever done that before.

Mike Trout Nicknames (Expanded List)

The Millville Meteor (patterned after "The Commerce Comet" because Mike Trout appears to be the next Mickey Mantle)
The Franchise
The Natural
The Phenom
The Logo
"Lights Out" Trout (coined by Michael R. Burch)

The Kid
KIIIIID (the nickname Trout selected for a special uniform)
The Say What Kid (apologies to Willie Mays)
Number 27

The Archangel (well, he does play for the Angels, his name is Michael, and he is number one!)
Michelangelo (another great artist who was named after the Archangel Michael)
Halo Man
The Anointed One
His Excellency
Captain of the Angelic Hosts
Captain of the Heavenly Hosts
God's Gift
The Light King

Mr. Perfect
The Excellence of Execution
The Peerless Mike Trout

Coastal Cutthroat (well, L.A. is on the coast!)
Golden (the Golden Trout is worth its weight in gold!)
Bull (the Bull Trout brooks no bull from small fry!)
Brook (the Brook Trout is a great athlete among fish!)
The Sea-Run Brook Trout has been seen scoring a lot of runs!
The Troutster
Prince Fish
King Fish 2.0
Trout Man
Fish Man
Leviathan (the biggest fish of them all!)
Moby Trout
JAWS (there is a baseball statistic called JAWS, hence the capitals)
Mike Fishman Trout

The Cyclone
The Freight Train
The Trout Train
The Digger
The Rooster

The WAR Lord and The WARlord
The WAR King
The WAR Leader
The WAR God
The God of WAR
Ares (ditto)
Mars (ditto)
Man o'WAR
The WAR Monger (because Trout "hoards" all the WAR)
The WAR Star (pun on "Star Wars")

The Supernatural
Magic Mike
The Eternal MVP (from Halo Hangout)
Mike Freakin' Trout
The Messiah

Iron Mike Trout
The Millville Meteorologist
The Jeter Beater
The Jeter Defeater

Mr. Black Ink
The Legendary Mike Trout
The Legend
The Incomparable Michael Nelson Trout
Money Mike
Daddy WARbucks
The Measuring Rod
The Metronome of Greatness
The Divine Rod (pun on Divining Rod and Angels being divine)
The Ultimate Five Tool Player
The One-Man Statcast Show
Mike Clout
Baby Ruth

A. Cox (in honor of Aaron Cox)

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