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Recommended Literary Links and Poetry Links

There is a lot of poetry on the Internet. And yes, much of this poetry is "personal poetry." And yes, some of it is remarkably bad. However, there are a number of excellent poetry sites; here are some of our favorites, which we have categorized into Literary Sites, Resources for Writers and Individual Poets' Sites.

We're pleased to announce that MBooks and The HyperTexts have combined to publish books by Emery Campbell, Mary Keelan Meisel, Tom Merrill and Zyskandar Jaimot.

If you're interested in being published by the major poetry journals and magazines, this page of poetry publishers that accept email submissions may prove helpful.

Literary Sites

New Lyre, edited by David Gosselin and Adam Sedia, has the goal of bringing new timeless poetry to its readers.

The Chained Muse, also edited by David Gosselin, is an online poetry journal dedicated to promoting 21st century classical poetry.

Poem-Today, edited by Conor Kelly, is a Tumblr blog that proffers a daily poem, some classical and some contemporary.

Better Than Starbucks publishes formal poetry, free verse, haiku, translations, experimental poetry ... even sentimental poetry! It's nice to see a literary journal that truly embraces diversity.

Light is the place to go for light verse. THT poets published there include Michael R. Burch, X. J. Kennedy, Richard Moore, Joseph S. Salemi, A. E. Stallings, Deborah Warren, and Gail White. Highly recommended.

Hibiscus is a poetry journal edited by Kiriti Sengupta.

Rattle is one of our favorite poetry sites, and a good place to start, in our opinion.

THINK publishes poems that emphasize craft as well as content: "We are responsive to metrical verse, to strategic rhyme, to inventive uses of nonce forms, and to free verse with a clear organizing principle. We look for writing that seizes and holds attention and rewards it with revelation."

Kritya, edited by Rati Saxena, is an on-line poetry journal that publishes poetry in English and Hindi. We highly recommend that our readers visit Kritya often and keep up with what's happening in Indian and other poetic circles overseas.

Contemporary Rhyme, edited by Richard Geyer, is a quarterly on-line poetry journal that publishes rhyming poetry only and has featured poems by a number of THT poets, including Richard Moore.

The Eclectic Muse is edited by Joe M. Ruggier, a poet who has worked tirelessly to promote poetry that embraces rather than denies or defies the traditions of English poetry.

The Poetry Porch, edited by Joyce Wilson, has featured work by THT poets Michael R. Burch, Annie Finch and Rhina Espaillat.

Absinthe Literary Review specializes, as one might suspect, in literary reviews.

The Poem Tree is a good site for scoping out the state of modern metrical poetry; it contains work by Rhina Espaillat, A. M. Juster, Richard Moore, Jan Schreiber, A. E. Stallings, Deborah Warren and Gail White.

RHINO, which calls itself "the little magazine with the big horn," has been around for 26 years.

Poetry Super Highway is a senior poetry website that remains active and inviting.

Forgotten Ground Regained, subtitled "A Treasury of Alliterative and Accentual Poetry," is an excellent site for those whose are interested in the history of alliterative and accentual poetry, from the Vikings and "Beowulf" to Hopkins, Pound and Jeffers.

TALESetc is a great site for readers, writers and children; it includes stories, poems, literary links and a reference library.

Resources for Writers

Jack Butler is a writing coach with impeccable credentials. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and has had eight books published. He has also been published in The New Yorker, Atlantic, and New York Times Book Review.

If you're interested in being published by the major poetry journals and magazines, this page of poetry publishers that accept email submissions may prove helpful.

Where can you find chiastic witticisms like "The best thing about the battle between the sexes is often the sex between the battles."? At, edited by Dr. Mardy Grothe. Highly recommended!

Individual Poets' and Artists' Sites

David Gwilym Anthony has a web site that features a variety of traditional forms, including sonnets, villanelles, triolets, rondeaus, ballads, and tankas.

Greg Alan Brownderville is a poet who can truly "carry a tune."

Michael R. Burch is the editor of The HyperTexts.

Rhina P. Espaillat is a much-published poet and translator.

Freddy Niagara Fonseca has a website where his latest book, The Bomb That Blew Up God, can be previewed and purchased.

Jendi Reiter is an award-winning poet and editor of the popular Winning Writers web site.

Dee Rimbaud has an attractive, well-laid-out web site dedicated to visual art and writing.

Lewis Turco has a website of his Poetics and Ruminations.

Books and Anthologies

Richard Moore's new book, Sailing to Oblivion, is now available from Light Quarterly Imprints. Moore is one of the best and funniest poets we have, and therefore Sailing to Oblivion is a must-have book. Please click here for more information.

The second edition of Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust, edited by Charles Adés Fishman, is a landmark book containing poems by over 200 American poets, including such well-known names as John Ciardi, Jorie Graham, Anthony Hecht, Randall Jarrell, Maxine Kumin, Denise Levertov, Philip Levine, Louis Simpson and Derek Walcott. A number of THT poets are included, among them Fishman, Yala Korwin, Robert Mezey, Christina Pacosz and Sean M. Teaford. Please click here to read a review of the book by THT editor Michael R. Burch.

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