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Recommended Literary Links and Poetry Links

There is a lot of poetry on the Internet. And yes, much of this poetry is "personal poetry." And yes, some of it is remarkably bad. However, there are a number of excellent poetry sites; here are some of our favorites, which we have categorized into Literary Sites, Resources for Writers and Individual Poets' Sites.

We're pleased to announce that MBooks and The HyperTexts have published books by Emery Campbell, Mary Keelan Meisel, T. Merrill, and  Zyskandar Jaimot, with books by other THT poets hopefully to follow. To order books and CDs by THT poets and other writers of similar caliber, please click this Books Link. For more information, please email Joe Ruggier at

If you are interested in being published by the major poetry journals and magazines, this page of journals that accept email submissions may prove very helpful:

The Best Poetry Magazines and Literary Journals for Submissions (if you want "Recognition")

Literary Sites

Rattle is one of our favorite poetry sites, and a good place to start, in our opinion.

Better Than Starbucks features formal poetry in every issue.

The Divine Sappho is a treasure house of translations and "interpretations" of one of the truly great poets of antiquity.

Anna Evans, in addition to being a poet of note, is the Editor of the formal poetry e-zine The Barefoot Muse and the Editor-in-Chief of the formal poetry journal The Raintown Review. In the following article link, she describes her vision for The Raintown Review upon taking the helm as Editor-in-Chief. To read her vision statement for The Raintown Review, please click here. After reading the article, you can make submissions, if you so desire, at the email address on the vision statement page.

The second edition of Blood to Remember: American Poets on the Holocaust, edited by Charles Adés Fishman, is a landmark book containing poems by over 200 American poets, including such well-known names as John Ciardi, Jorie Graham, Anthony Hecht, Randall Jarrell, Maxine Kumin, Denise Levertov, Philip Levine, Louis Simpson and Derek Walcott. A number of THT poets are included, among them Fishman, Yala Korwin, Robert Mezey, Christina Pacosz and Sean M. Teaford. Please click here to read a review of the book by THT editor Michael R. Burch.

A Hudson View invites poets from all around the world to gather and share their creative expression. Each edition features the poetry of International Poet Express writers and the work of artists from around the globe. Poet Express is an electronic publication. A Hudson View Poetry Digest is published in print 4 times a year. Digests are 6 x 9 perfect bound, with a minimum of 64 pages and may be purchased for $8.50 USD shipped in the continental USA. Publisher: Victoria Valentine. Editor: Amitabh Mitra.

Kritya, edited by Rati Saxena, is an on-line poetry journal that publishes poetry in English and Hindi. We highly recommend that our readers visit Kritya often and keep up with what's happening in Indian and other poetic circles overseas., edited by Chad Myers, is "a Revolution in Ideas and Artistic Expression." Poets published there include THT poets Ashok Niyogi and CarrieAnn Thunnell.

Contemporary Rhyme, edited by Richard Geyer, is a quarterly on-line poetry journal that publishes rhyming poetry only and has recently featured poems by a number of THT poets, including Richard Moore. If you're a rhyme-minded poet, you might want to consider a submission to Contemporary Rhyme, but please be sure your work is suitable. Geyer advises: "I take a liberal view of 'rhyme': assonance, slant rhyme, etc. are all perfectly acceptable.  Traditional and modern styles are both fine. Also, no restrictions on content -- I firmly believe in the importance of free expression in the arts."

Sonnetto Poesia is an "international sonnet review and e-zine." Edited by Richard Vallance, Sonnetto Poesia features sonnets by poets like THT's own Esther Cameron, along with Vallance's  insightful editorials. High quality submissions are welcome.

Erosha, a literary journal of the erotic, is calling for submissions.

The Eclectic Muse is edited by Joe M. Ruggier, a poet who has worked tirelessly to promote our kind of poetry:  poetry that sings and moves, poetry that embraces rather than denies or defies the traditions of English poetry.  If you believe as Joe Ruggier does--that there is a revival of traditional poetry, and that the world is better place for it--then we think you'll find The Eclectic Muse well worth the price of a subscription.

Mike Snider's formal blog is truly one of a kind!

Light Quarterly is the place to go if you want to read the best light verse being published in the United States.  The list of poets published there is a veritable honor roll of contemporary poetry:   Richard Wilbur, May Swenson, William Stafford, John Updike, Donald Hall, John Frederick Nims, X. J. Kennedy,  and many others, including a number of THT poets:  Richard Moore, Joseph S. Salemi, A. E. Stallings, Deborah Warren, and Gail White.  Highly recommended.

Richard Moore's new book, Sailing to Oblivion, is now available from Light Quarterly Imprints. Moore is one of the best and funniest poets we have, and therefore Sailing to Oblivion is a must-have book. Please click here for more information.

Famous Poets and Poems, edited by Helen Jaworski, is a wonderful Internet resource for scholars and lovers of poetry alike. Its index of poets includes both the Masters and contemporary poets, including THT poets Annie Finch and Jennifer Reeser. Highly recommended!

The Poetry Porch has an attractive, accessible interface and features several of our "own" poets, including  Esther Cameron, Annie Finch and Rhina Espaillat.  Poetry Porch is edited by  Joyce Wilson.  If you like traditional poetry as much as we do, please be sure to check out The Poetry Porch's Sonnet Scroll. is an attractive, well-put-together site that publishes poetry, fiction, art and illustrations. will be publishing work by THT  Featured Poet Emery Campbell in a future issue, so please "stay tuned."

Absinthe Literary Review is an absolutely gorgeous web site stocked with high-spirited poetry.

The Poem Tree is a good site for scoping out the state of modern metrical poetry, and it contains work by a number of poets who appear on this site, including  Rhina Espaillat, A. M. Juster, Richard Moore, Jan Schreiber, A. E. Stallings, Deborah Warren and Gail White.

RHINO, which calls itself "the little magazine with the big horn," has been around for 26 years. The name RHINO has something to do with being thick-skinned and being able to charge ahead.  RHINO has published THT poet Joyce Wilson.

Penny Dreadful is a handsome poetry journal with an otherworldly flair, edited by Michael Pendragon.  PD has published a number of THT poets, including Kevin N. Roberts, Harvey Stanbrough and Carmen Willcox.

Unlikely Stories is a cool site with poetry, stories, articles and more.

Poetry Super Highway, one of the most-accessed poetry sites on the Internet, is a must-see, and a must-see-often, so please remember to bookmark it.

Dislocate is published by graduate students at the University of Minnesota. It is currently an online journal, with a first print issue expected in spring 2005. The poetry editor of Dislocate is Josh Wallaert.

Ascent, edited by David Fraser, published poetry, short fiction and art.

HalfDrunkMuse is  a quarterly poetry zine edited by Sarah Miller. If you're wondering about HDM's moniker, here's a hint: "No drinker of water ever wrote a poem that could live long or please much." -- Horace

Forgotten Ground Regained, subtitled, "A Treasury of Alliterative and Accentual Poetry," is an excellent site for those whose are interested in the history of alliterative and accentual poetry, from the Vikings and "Beowulf" to Hopkins, Pound and Jeffers.

The People's Poet is an excellent poetry web site edited by Paula Brown.

is a great site for readers, writers and children;  it includes stories, poems, literary links and a reference library.

Poetically Expressed is a very attractive site especially suited to beginning poets, edited by Mary Ellen Clark.

Celtic Twilight is a site dedicated to Celtic art, literature and poetry.

AESTAS/Crescent Moon is an on-line poetry journal edited by Walter Daniel which favors technical excellence, traditional forms, and distinct expression; it honors Latin.

Erosha rocks!  If you're not averse to well-done erotica, this site has both stunning visuals and titillating poetry, including work by Lyn Lifshin.

Poetically Speaking is an up-to-date poetry site edited by the poet Latorial Faison.  It features a Poem of the Week and a Guest Poet, so check it out often!

The Insight is a  "Spirituality Web Directory" edited by James T. Monaghan.

One Trick Pony, edited by Ben Kharakh, is a "non-topical humor magazine featuring short-stories, lists, essays, and poetry." 

Ascent Aspirations Magazine publishes poetry and short fiction, and has a multitude of links if you enjoy browsing poetry web sites.

Zafusy is a new (or at least new-to-us) poetry site edited by Jody Porter.

Somewhere Along the Beaten Path, edited by C. Bailey-Lloyd, is a collection of inspirational and philosophical poetry, art, literature and more, and is currently accepting poetry submissions.

Resources for Writers

Jack Butler is a writing coach with impeccable credentials. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and has had eight books published. He has also been published in The New Yorker, Atlantic, and New York Times Book Review.

Tony Marco is a poet, editor and mentor to aspiring writers.  Highly recommended.

Harvey Stanbrough is a Pulitzer nominee, poet, editor and mentor to aspiring writers.  His Stone Thread web site is a valuable resource for writers.  Highly recommended.

Winning Writers, edited by Jendi Reiter, is a great site to find information about upcoming poetry contests.

Word Press has published THT poets Terese Coe and Jennifer Reeser, and because Word Press has published the "first efforts" of up-and-coming poets, we recommend the books published by Word Press as fine examples to other young poets who rightfully ask, "How can I honor the traditions of English poetry and still be a published poet in the 21st century?" The books Word Press publishes prove that meter and rhyme are not passé, and that good poetry does win out in the end. In addition to publishing the first books of talented young poets, Word Press has also published THT poets Claudia Gary Annis, Rhina Espaillat , Len Krisak and Jendi Reiter, not to mention books by Anthony Lombardy, Frederick Turner, and an anthology of younger formal poets by Sonny Williams. Word Press is an imprint of WordTech Communications. Highly recommended.

Dee Rimbaud has an exhaustive guide for writers seeking publication, The AA Independent Press Guide, on his website ( This is the closest thing we've seen to a free on-line Writer's Market or Poet's Market. Dee's site also features interviews with poets and artists like Rupert Loydell and David Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame).

Somers Rocks Press and Expansive Poetry & Music Online is a highly recommended site featuring poetry, essays and reviews by THT stalwarts Alfred Dorn, Joseph S. Salemi, and others.

Where can you find chiastic witticisms like "The best thing about the battle between the sexes is often the sex between the battles."? At the wonderful, edited by  Dr. Mardy Grothe. Highly recommended! 

QuotesPalace, edited by William Jones,  is an on-line compilation of quotations by famous (and infamous) people. provides proofreading/editing to businesses and students via a network of highly qualified editors. Clients can submit their documents with confidence, knowing that an editing specialist has proofread their text.

Useless Knowledge is anything but! Check this site out for essays and "things insightful."

123 Greetings is a site where you can send free poetic greeting cards to friends and family.

Net Poetry & Arts Competition is a non-profit entity that promotes poetry and art on the Internet by sponsoring contests in which interactive on-line forums submit their members' best work in an "amiable rivalry." THT poet Tony Marco and THT editor Michael R. Burch judged the first three NPAC poetry contests, along with Georgia Kornbluth. THT poets Jennifer Reeser and Joyce Wilson comprised two-thirds of the judging panel of the second NPAC panel, while THT poets Patrick Kanouse and Harvey Stanbrough constituted two thirds of the third NPAC panel.

Miracles Incorporated is a company that offers products and services to writers which include: freelance illustrators, technical illustrators, 3D graphics, animations, fantasy illustrators, architectural visualisations, medical visualisations, book covers, CD covers, magazine covers, posters, postcards, logo animations, and educational and instructional graphics and animations.

Individual Poets' and Artists' Sites

Michael R. Burch is the editor of The HyperTexts.

Judy Jones is one of our favorite artists, and a staunch advocate of the homeless. If you'd like to see her works of art, you can do so by clicking here. Her spoken word CD "Bones of the Homeless" is now available at and you can keep up with Judy and her various exploits at and Her work also appears in Catholic Voices in a World on Fire, edited by Stephen Hand, editor of The book will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and other major booksellers.

Richard Moore is one of the best Formalist poets, and best poets--period, exclamation mark--writing today.  

Jared Carter is one of our favorite contemporary poets.

Annie Finch is an award-winning poet.

A. E. Stallings has been published in the very best literary journals and has had poems in the Best American Poetry series.

Yala Korwin came to English poetry by the way of Poland, France and that most alien of all destinations, New York, and we're glad she did.  She is also a talented watercolorist who also works in oils, acrylics, and other more experimental media.

Greg Alan Brownderville is, in our not-so-humble opinion, an up-and-coming poet who can truly "carry a tune."

David Gwilym Anthony has a web site that features a variety of traditional forms, including sonnets, villanelles, triolets, rondeaus, ballads, and tankas.

Jendi Reiter is an award-winning poet and editor of the popular Winning Writers web site.

C. J. Sage
is a talented poet and the editor of The National Poetry Review.

Ric Masten
is a much-published poet who has a popular e-mail delivery system to keep his readers up to date.

Tamara B. Latham has been published in a number of journals of good repute.

Alan Corkish writes poetry and screen plays and has published poetry anthologies, which you can purchase via his web site.

Dee Rimbaud has an attractive, well-laid-out web site dedicated to visual art and writing.

Leeland Jamieson is an up-and-coming poet whose work has appeared recently in a number of our favorite journals.

Freddy Niagara Fonseca has a poetry web site that you can reach by clicking here

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