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General John F. Kelly Nicknames: The Church Lady, Killer Kelly, Hobo, General Jackass

This page contains the best General John F. Kelly nicknames that I have been able to find, and some that I came up with myself. John Kelly has served the Trump administration as Secretary of Homeland Security and as White House Chief of Staff (i.e., as a "Trump nanny").

General John F. Kelly Nicknames

The Church Lady (by White House staffers)
General Jackass (Anthony Scaramucci)
General Alert and Red Alert
Hobo, The Hitcher and The Freight-Hopper (he hopped trains in his youth)
The White House Chief of Graft
Elegant John Kelly (Donald Trump, no idea why)
Jean Claude Killy (in his last Pentagon new conference Kelly said it would be "good" to kill)
Killer Kelly (Donald Trump's pet nickname for his favorite neo-CON)
Nut Job (Donald Trump, who apparently employed an elegant murderous nut as his Chief of Staff)

Dishonorable Mention Nicknames: Bad Telly Kelly, Acting President Kelly, Get Mo' Gitmo, Gitmo Money, The ICE Man Cometh, Mr. Mass Deporter, Kelly Greenbuck$, Kelly's Zeros, Triple K Kelly, Mary Poppins, Trump's Nanny, Trump's Man-Baby Sitter, The InfoWarrior, Jelly Belly Kelly, Granny Kelly, The Scold, The Schoolmarm, Moonshine ("My first time overseas was taking 10,000 tons of beer to Vietnam!")

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