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Tom Cotton Nicknames
Tom Cotton Jokes by SNL,
Kate McKinnon, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien and Others
Tom Cotton Quotes

This page contains the best Tom Cotton nicknames, jokes and quotes that I have been able to find, plus a few that I came up with myself ...

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Is Senator Cotton the future of the GOP? - Washington Jewish Week

A rattlesnake will at least warn you before it strikes, but a Cottonmouth aka Slaughter Moccasin is a stealth viper.

Rep. Alan Grayson said Tom Cotton is well on his way to being "the Premiere Warmonger of the 114th Congress." Heather Digby Parton called him "Ted Cruz with a war record, Sarah Palin with a Harvard degree, Chris Christie with a Southern accent."

"Let them eat lead!"—Little Tommy Antoinette

Little Tommy Antoinette hates food stamps but LOVES slinging lead.

The Top Ten Tom Cotton Nicknames

Cottonmouth Tom
The Slaughter Moccasin
Cotton-Eyed Moe
High Cotton
Cotton Candypants
The Tighty Whitie
The White Cotton King
Little Tommy Antoinette
The Premiere Warmonger

Tommy Gun
The Sambo Rambo (he's ready to take out Americans with darker skin if they protest racism)

Kid Corona
Coronavirus in Semi-Human Form

Uncle Tom
Tehran Tom
Taliban Tom

Chickenshit Cotton
Little Tommy Cottonpants
White Fluff

Fact-Free Tommy (Michael R. Burch)
Little Tommy Trump-et
Little Tommy Trumpet

The Trump Whisperer
The Trump Hisser
The Trump Enabler
The Trump Fixer
The Wall Nut

The Best Tom Cotton Jokes and Quotes

The only really funny Tom Cotton joke I have found so far is that Tom Cotton is a U.S. Senator. Fact truly can be stranger than fiction.

Tom Cotton said the only problem he has with Guantanamo Bay prison is that “there are too many empty beds.”

Tom Cotton claims that “bombing makes us safer.”

Tom Cotton claims that Mexican drug cartels could somehow invade the United States, defeat the American military and attack his home state, Arkansas.

Senator Tom Cotton voted against equal pay legislation and the Violence Against Women Act.

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