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This page contains the best Marjorie Taylor Greene nicknames, jokes and quotes that I have been able to find, plus a few that I came up with myself. Marjorie Taylor Greene nicknames and jokes have been coined by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Seth Meyers, Ana Navarro, Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien and other late night comedians and TV hosts.

Marjorie Taylor Greene" Sticker by codyvandyke | Redbubble

Marjorie Taylor Greene won the racist triple crown by being named Little Miss White Supremacist 2021, Little Ms. Klan Mom 2021 and Little Miss Jewish Space Laser 2021.” — Michael R. Burch  aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Marjorie Taylor Greene is God's proof positive that human beings did not evolve.
— Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Thanks to politicians like Sarah Palin, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, we now have a duh-mock-racy. — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

The Top Ten Marjorie Taylor Greene Nicknames, Plus a Few

Klan Mom (Jimmy Kimmel)
Mad Marge (Michael R. Burch)
Clueless Ku Klux Klan Mom
Nutcase (Ana Navarro)
Crazy Person (Trevor Noah)

Little Miss Jewish Space Laser 2021
Little Miss Holocaust Denial 2021

Mad Marge compared covid safety precautions to the Holocaust!

Little Miss Insanity 2021

Mad Marge Greene won the talent portion of the Little Miss Insanity 2021 pageant by tap-dancing to "Springtime for Hitler" with lasers strobing in the background.

Little Miss Meltdown 2022
Little Miss Misinformation 2022

Georgia representative and woman waving ‘Heil, neighbor,’ Marjorie Taylor Greene. (Stephen Colbert)

The QAnon Queen
The QAnon Kook
The QAnon Crank

Boss of Karens
The Ultimate Karen
Nuclear Karen
Queen Karen the Grate
Hogg Wild Karen

Mad Marge Greene harassed a Parkland student, David Hogg, who has called for better gun control laws.

Margarine Tater Greene (The Young Turks)
Marjorie Trailer Trash Greene
The Trump Trumper

Just when we thought no one could possibly surpass The Donald for sheer insanity, he has been easily "trumped" by Mad Marge. — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

Dis-Honorable Mention: More Marjorie Taylor Green Nicknames

Mad Marjorie Greene
Mad Marge Greene
The Loon-a-Tic
The Bedlamite

Birther Barbie
Antisemitic Barbie
Neanderthal Barbie
Barbie Q
Osama Bin Karen

Space Lasers of Zion
The Space Cadet
The Spaced-Out Cadet

Cancer on the Party (Mitch McConnell)
The Hinternationalist
Little Annie Hoaxley

Blunder Woman
Stupor Woman
The Green Slattern
The Wicked Witch of the West Wing

Marjorie Trailer Queen
Queen's Reich (Michael R. Burch)
The GOP Queen
The GQP Queen and GoQP Queen (Grand old QAnon Party)
The Over-Ripe Georgia Peach

Marjorie Failure Greene
Margarine Traitor Gangrene
Assault-Gunning Marge at Large
Miserable Marge
Mrs. Q through-and-through
Magic The Gathering
Marauding Goon
Teenage Stalker Marge

Marjorie Taylor Greene Jokes

I have a really great Marjorie Taylor Greene joke, but you have to donate $20 to hear it. — Parler tweet

I think aliens probed her ass and her brains fell out. — Bill Maher

Marjorie Taylor Greene is proof positive that human beings did not evolve. — Michael R. Burch aka "The Loyal Opposition"

I wish crazy people like this would stop thinking I’m controlling space lasers because I’m Jewish when in truth it’s because I’m GAY and FUN. — Billy Eichner

Shit, I’m gonna be muttering “Jewish Space Laser” to the tune of “Paperback Writer” all weekend. — Patton Oswalt

Call me a Luddite but I’m perfectly happy with my Jewish Space Inkjet. — Danny Zuker of Modern Family

MTG's defense is that all her words are "words of the past" and thus cannot be held against her. She can call for Nancy Pelosi to be executed, and as soon as she does the words are in the past, while she remains an adorable little angel in the present. No one can criticize Hitler because all his horrendous words are in the past. No one can ever be held accountable for what they said or did, according to the infallible logic of MTG.

In an SNL skit, Marjorie Taylor
Greene, who was played by Cecily Strong, came out and immediately offered Kate McKinnon a gun.

Trevor Noah didn't buy MTG's "apology," saying, “I’ve never seen someone try to delete her browser history in real life.”

Trevor Noah pointed out the problem with giving MTG more time to be crazy: “Yes people, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been kicked off her committees. But if you think about it, this is a pretty sweet deal for Greene. Basically, her punishment for acting insane [is] to do less work for the same amount of money,” noted the comedian. “And honestly, I think kicking her off these committees could actually backfire. The last thing you want to do with a crazy person is to give them time to be crazy. That’s why they should put her on all the committees, then you’ll never hear from her again.”

Stephen Colbert was not impressed with Greene’s flip-flopping around whether “9/11 happened,” observing, “I believe we as a nation promised to always remember that it happened. What’s your bumper sticker say, ‘9/11. Oops, I forgot?’”

Jimmy Kimmel: “Mitch McConnell emerged from his shell yesterday to distance himself from congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The Senate Minority Leader called her out for latching onto quote ‘loony lies and conspiracy theories.’ Even though he didn’t mention her name, he suggested that people like her are a ‘cancer on the party’ that is distracting Republicans from the important work of blocking COVID relief to millions of Americans who need it,” Kimmel said, reminding his viewers that McConnell is not suddenly a good guy because he took aim at Greene. “Greene is of course now trying to make money off of her terribleness,” Kimmel continued. “She tweeted, ‘Democrats are trying to expel me from Congress. Help me raise $50,000 today and send a message.’ What message? ‘I am crazy and careless with money’? “Klan Mom spent the whole day today asking for money. And people gave it to her. She’s up to nearly $100,000 right now.”

Jimmy Kimmel: “Greene says she has spoken to Donald Trump on the phone and has his full support. They’re even planning to get together soon,” he said. “Uh oh, look out, Melania! She’s coming for your guy!”

Kimmel mentioned her harassment of David Hogg, whose classmates were killed in the 2018 shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, an event that sparked his gun control advocacy. The comic mentioned new video footage that has recently surfaced capturing Greene following Hogg, calling him “a coward and an idiot who was trained like a dog.”

“Very nice lady,” Kimmel observed. “Really nice.”

“Oh, my God, thank you, it is so big of you to admit that. What else would you like to clarify? ‘[Imitating Greene] I would also like to make clear that “Inception” is just a movie, “RoboCop” is not real, and the giant glowing orb in the sky is, in fact, the moon and not a secret sky bank where Bill Gates keeps all his gold bars.’” — SETH MEYERS

“But, hey, I’m glad that she’s come around to the standard Republican belief that school shootings are real and that nothing should be done to stop them.” — TREVOR NOAH

“But, yes, you see, it’s all Facebook’s fault for ‘allowing’ her to believe in those things. So don’t blame her — blame Mark Zuckerberg, with his social media lies and his space lasers.” — TREVOR NOAH

“That’s right, the woman who started impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden the day he took office is calling for unity now. The congresswoman who wants to execute Nancy Pelosi is right. We need to come together, and the media is just as guilty as QAnon! That’s like saying Jell-O is just as guilty as Bill Cosby.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“The worst part of this, she has still not been reprimanded in any official way by fellow Republicans in the House. In fact, they gave her a standing ovation yesterday. Some of them, not all of them. Some of them didn’t want to stand up for fear they could be targeted by Jewish space lasers.” — JIMMY KIMMEL

“Now, look, man, Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the first person to believe things that she read on the internet. But her defense isn’t really reassuring because, basically, what she’s saying is, ‘Yes, up until now, I believed that school shootings were fake, 9/11 didn’t happen and that Jewish space lasers blew up California. But that’s only because I am incapable of separating fantasy from reality. So let’s do the right thing and let me go back to making laws.” — TREVOR NOAH

Marjorie Taylor Greene Quotes

Greene once suggested in an online video that Nancy Pelosi should be executed for treason. “She’s a traitor to our country, she’s guilty of treason,” Greene says in the video, which CNN first reported. “And it’s, uh, it’s a crime punishable by death is what treason is. Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason.” She also “liked” a January 2019 Facebook post that called for “a bullet to the head” of Pelosi.

Greene also “liked” a comment posted by a Facebook user in 2018 who falsely argued that 9/11 was “done by our own Gov.” Greene responded: “That is all true.”

Greene apparently thinks Jesus spoke English, a language that did not exist during his lifetime. A Jan. 31, 2021 Facebook post of hers, which has been shared over 750 times, reads: "If English was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us."  

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